Life Hack: English Skills

What’s the difference between an introverted actuary and an extroverted actuary? The extroverted actuary  will look at your shoes while speaking to you. Actuaries are stereotypically known for poor social & communication skills. However, in the past couple decades there has been a push to change that. I aspire to be an actuary and breakContinue reading “Life Hack: English Skills”

You are More Valuable than you Think

We are presenting ourselves to various communities in various manners every single day. As a student, we reach out to professors and classmates for academic help. As a job seeker, we participate in interviews with the employers to get job opportunities. As a friend, we share stories to whom we concern in life. Now, the questionContinue reading “You are More Valuable than you Think”

UW Life: Little Communication Life, Holistic Communication Styles

Life at the University of Waterloo is … how to put it in a nicer way? …… Calm, peaceful and uninteresting. This might not be applicable to everyone, but for me, a CS major coop student, study terms in Waterloo are just tedious and repetitive. Let me just give you an overview of my typical day:Continue reading “UW Life: Little Communication Life, Holistic Communication Styles”

When ‘FOB’ parents think you know English

I often get questioned by Chinese parents about whether they should send their kids to Canada for high school or for University, and you can tell that the major problem they worry about is English. For someone that has been in Canada since grade 4, I have a decent answer for them. My opinion isContinue reading “When ‘FOB’ parents think you know English”

My Second Shot at My Dream Job

If you want something badly enough, the dream becomes reality… right? Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist. Learning about why people do what they do, how to get people to talk about things they originally didn’t want to talk about; it’s like you’re a mind reader! That’s why myContinue reading “My Second Shot at My Dream Job”

Communications at the University of Waterloo

As a student at the University of Waterloo, communications may vary in purposes, audiences and contexts. In Engineering, students communicate with each other constantly because of the cohort system and their curriculum which are full of labs sessions. However, it is possible some students in the Math Faculty not to talk to anyone for anContinue reading “Communications at the University of Waterloo”