ENGL 119 – Who is interested in playing a game?

This term is finishing, a new term is beginning. New students are going to once again need to make up their minds and choose an English course in order to get their English credit for their degrees. As a student who finished this course, I would like to make some suggestions to future youngsters soContinue reading “ENGL 119 – Who is interested in playing a game?”

The Path to Successful Communication

We finished our Ted talk last week… personally, I was not very satisfied with our performance. If I were to peer evaluate our presentation, I would probably highlight the point “Not enough practice, please rehearse more.” Then this leaves me in wonder – we started early, we worked hard, we had frequent group meetings, weContinue reading “The Path to Successful Communication”

UW Life: Little Communication Life, Holistic Communication Styles

Life at the University of Waterloo is … how to put it in a nicer way? …… Calm, peaceful and uninteresting. This might not be applicable to everyone, but for me, a CS major coop student, study terms in Waterloo are just tedious and repetitive. Let me just give you an overview of my typical day:Continue reading “UW Life: Little Communication Life, Holistic Communication Styles”