Convention and invention

The world we live in is one that is governed by law and order, consistency and congruence. School in particular is often a place of stricture and specification; the results of your learning are evaluated carefully, usually in a challenging fashion, and always standardized and rules-based. You’re often asked to solve unorthodox problems, occasionally withContinue reading “Convention and invention”

Synergistic Serendipity

“You’re going to be working in groups.” I’m sure everyone’s heard that phrase many a time, whether in high school or university. Sometimes instructors want something a little grander than what one person can put together. Other times, they just want to stir things up, maybe conduct their course con brio. But whatever the case,Continue reading “Synergistic Serendipity”

How high school English fails whereas university succeeds

A linguistics course in a country’s official language is an integral part in compulsory education almost everywhere. So, given Canada’s importance as a Commonwealth nation, it’s not at all surprising that English is a core component of the Canadian curriculum. However, English as it is taught in high school is fundamentally different from the EnglishContinue reading “How high school English fails whereas university succeeds”