Public Speaking and Group Work: Tackling Two Fears at Once

When I imagined myself giving my first TED talk I always pictured a big auditorium, standing ovations, and enthusiasm equivalent to what Steve Jobs would receive when unveiling the newest update for the IPhone… I guess I will have to wait a little longer for my break through moment. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our TED talksContinue reading “Public Speaking and Group Work: Tackling Two Fears at Once”

Confessions of an Atypical Actuarial Student

A few common replies that I get when I tell people I am studying Actuarial Science: Just a general look of confusion. “Oh, that’s like an accountant right?” “Oh cool, what do you plan on doing with a science degree?” “So you must be like…really smart then!” But who can blame them! The only representationContinue reading “Confessions of an Atypical Actuarial Student”