English 119, farewell.


I’d like to think of myself as a practical person – there’s nothing else more important to me than being a useful person.

Bottom line, I believe practicing what you preach.


And that, to me is the most satisfying thing about ENGL 119. Its pragmatic approach, and how the things learned are almost always on a need to know basis. It made me feel like receiving a security clearance and getting briefed in area 51 secrets. The structure of the course feels tight and leaves lots to be discovered by students who are interested, and adequately addresses those who don’t give a damn about the subject as well.

To elaborate, I just LOVE how I finally get to practice what I have learned. I came to UW to learn mathematics, and after every passing semester I feel further from my goals and less competent. On one hand due to how humbling the world of math really is when you start to understand its language. On the other hand, it was caused by how little tools us students learn in these years to apply learned knowledge.
It frustrates me how we are not given the full package: Every math professor blames the professor of the pre-requisite course of taking the easy way out and not fully motivating the material. The students often are left with lots of course specific knowledge, at a loss where to apply it. Waterloo’s coop program helps for some students who are lucky to have companies that trains their recruits.


The milestone projects in ENGL 119 keep reminding me that “real life” is only a couple of years away. Our Money Masters’ Ted talk left me in awe with their polished speech and professional content. Our proposal and report assignment made me day dream a bit about what I can really do once I am done my studies here.

I have had coop jobs before, but I have not been practicing my mathematical knowledge at all. In this class, I have been given a chance to really appreciate how all the fundamental math classes that the university deems mandatory form a solid background for further use.

I finally have guidelines to do a lot of things that I did by the ear before – writing a serious email, a professional report. I cannot express enough gratitude on how much this helps me to overcome fears of drowning in the real world. To know there are rules to play-by, and how to find them.

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