Growing with ENGL119

Taking a language course is a requirement for every student at University of Waterloo. I thought that taking an English course would be the best choice to fulfill my required language course. I chose English because it is the language that I depend on daily. I use English to communicate with my peers in class, and I need to use it professionally when addressing my professors and job interviewers.

Growing Confidence

When I first enrolled in ENGL119, I was quite anxious about the struggles I felt I might face with the course materials. I felt that my communication skills diminished as soon as I enrolled into the faculty of computer science, as my communication mostly depended on communicating numbers and theories. As the semester progressed, I was very happy to attend lectures where my professor gave information and instructions on how to properly communicate ideas. The examples that were given in class helped me understand how to use language in a way where the words and sentences sound professional. I enjoyed learning about the different tools of communication which affect the receiver on an emotional and intellectual level. The more knowledge I gained about how to be persuasive in conversations and writing, the more confident I began to feel about being able to interact more professionally.

Using Other Resources

Prior to attending ENGL119, I was more inclined to use information from non-reputable sources. However, I am now willing to take the extra mile and research for information in a more professional and academic manner. I learned that research gives a person a different view about the world, and introduces them to a type of knowledge that they would otherwise have never come across. This course encouraged me to take another English course to further improve my language skills.

Something More

Although I initially enrolled in ENGL119 to improve my communication skills, and to learn how to address people and interact with them more professionally, I actually learned much more than that. Through my research about the effects of gaming on educational systems, I learned that there are many other open resources for learning designed for people of almost all ages. Learning goes far beyond attending classes at a university. Jobs, entertainment systems, and sometimes even children environments can introduce you to knowledge you have never absorbed before. During the term, I learned that making friends and having close connections with people helps you grow as a person. You become more responsible and caring, and feel that you have an impact on the lives of others.

I learned that one should live life to fulfill their potential. In order to achieve that, one must always strive to learn more, and communicate more. People were not created so that each person lives in a bubble of his/her own, but to build a world where every person has the potential to make a difference.

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