In this blog post, I would like to share my thoughts about the ENGL 119 class that I took this term, the experiences I have gained about academic writing and communication, and the unfortunate news which gave me tough times to continue school life. In the previous blog post I tried to keep my posts funny and entertaining, but because of the context and the situation, I would like to keep this one little bit more serious.

I just checked my email assignment to remember what I wrote. I said I wanted to improve my confidence during speech and eye-contact with the audience in the beginning of the course. In my opinion with the TED Talk presentation assignment, I surely improved these skills. In addition, I learned how to work with team properly, organize well-designed presentations, and do well-transitions in the presentation.

To be honest, I have never heard about “request for proposal” or “Final report” before. I learned the importance of them and where we might need to write them in our future career as a math student. In the writing side of the communication skills, I learned lots of things such as how to write a blog post, e-mail to teacher or professor, etc. I believe I improved my writing skills a lot.

Overall, I must say that the context of the course was a little bit boring for a math student (that is just my opinion). However, Sara made the lectures fun I guess. I’m wishing everyone in the course good luck in the final exams.

Berdem Yildiz


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