Why I Enjoyed ENGL 119

ENGL 119 is the most challenging English course I have taken in life. Having breezed through high school English courses and SPCOM 223 in the first term, I am a little over-confident in dealing with English courses. In ENGL 119, however, I am genuinely challenged by its difficulty. Prepare for the TED Talk, write the proposal, and grind out the two-thousand-word final report; none of them is trivial undertaking. But having gone through the entire process, I am glad to say that I have improved and grown. I learned to do research on the library website, write concisely to facilitate easy reading, and always start by writing a shitty first draft. Most importantly, I learned to manage my time well.

I loved to procrastinate. My habit of procrastination was fully developed in high school, back when I had no sense of priority. I carried this obnoxious habit with me to university. Towards the end of the first term, this evil habit finally decided to take vegeance upon me. On the night before the final SPCOM 223 presentation, I realized that I had not chosen a topic, let alone starting the draft. Sitting in front of the computer, I started to panick. I attempted to read research papers and websites, but the text just would not stop dancing around in front of my eyes. Trying for hours without accomplishing anything, I felt the adrenaline pumping in my body. I started to research at 8 pm, and narrowed down the topic at 9 pm, and finally put some words down on an empty sheet of paper at 10 pm.

I am screwed. I thought to myself.


Finally, when I was exhausted by my stress and anxiety, I decided to go to sleep. The next day, I skipped all my classes and fervently wrote down whatever was on my mind. Although I managed to finish before class, I did dreadfully on the actual presentation.

“Do not procrastinate”, I think, was the most important lesson I learned in SPCOM 223.
This term, the pain of the SPCOM 223 fiasco still lingers on my mind, so I kept reminding myself to start every assignment as early as possible. I did that, and I am pleased by my achievements. I have tried my best to complete and polish every piece of writing before handing it in. Regardless of the final grade, I am really glad to be able to finish ENGL 119 with a sense of accomplishment.

As a stereotypical math student, I would never have imagined enjoying a English course in university. But ENGL 119 changed my mind. The level of difficulty motivated me to work hard throughout the term, and the content is really relevant to my future career.
There is a CS report due tomorrow. Having written the ENGL final report, I am no longer intimidated by it. I will apply what I learned in ENGL 119—using the rhetorical triangle, writing in concise language, and chunking information effectively—to produce a high-quality report.

Thanks to ENGL 119, I am closer to being articulate.


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One thought on “Why I Enjoyed ENGL 119

  1. If it makes you feel better, procrastination is a necessary part of writing, but you are right: too much of a good thing can lead to disaster! Glad you go so much from the course. Thanks for all your hard work.


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