Say Goodbye to ENGL 119

This term has finally come to an end. And my journey to learning writing and communication skills in ENGL 119 has come to the last step.

Thinking about what I have learned throughout this semester, the first thing that came to my mind is the rhetorical triangle, which is composed of three elements – Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle[1]

The way in which the identity of the writer/speaker affects the argument is known as ethos. The writers/speakers must know the purpose of the article or the speech. Are they providing information? Are they calling for action? Also the writers/speakers must show their credibility and authority so that the audience would trust their words. Pathos is considered as appealing to the emotions of the audience. The audience needs to be moved by the words said/written. Thus it is also important to determine the target audience and understand what the audience is interested in.  Logos is the same as contents, which including the information the writers/speakers want to deliver to the audience. To make the audience focus to the article/speech and understand the information, the content of the message must have a clear and organised structure. The rhetorical triangle is also used in our TED talk, proposal and report.


ted meme house of lies

The second task in this term is the TED talk. Form the TED talk, one thing that I have learned is teamwork. Focusing on one’s own part is insufficient. We need to integrate everyone’s work, arrange the order of talking and transit between each other’s work to see assure that  the speech is fluent and clear to our audience. The second thing I learned from my experience in the TED talk is that I have to organize my schedules wisely. Since it was difficult to arrange a group meeting time during the midterm period, we tried to complete and perfect our individual parts before a meeting. As a result, during the meeting we could focus on transition between our topics rather than revising every one’s work. In my experience of the TED talk, I also found out that peer review is beneficial that I could always learn from my peers’ presentation and their feedback. After listening to other group’s presentation in the rehearsal, we found out some drawbacks of our talk. It was seemed that our speech lacked interaction with the audience and contained too many technical explanations. Therefore, during the meeting after the rehearsal, we changed some parts of our talk to fit the topic. Finally, we did a good job in the final TED talk!



After the TED talk, the final thing to do was writing request for proposal and the final report. At this moment, Sara taught us the process of writing a proposal and a report. We also understood the importance of using reference to give credit to the original writer. Sara also assigned us to a peer review group so that we could get advice from our peers. The report could never be a simple process. However it will definitely be beneficial in my future study and work.


Thanks for all the great experience in ENGL 119!

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