A Bittersweet Goodbye

At last, the day has come to say goodbye to ENGL 119 (if I don’t manage to pass the final report, please pretend this blog post never happened).

But actually where did this semester go??

The first day of class feels so distant because of everything that we’ve managed to accomplish since. I remember walking in terrified. The classroom, the atmosphere, what we were learning, everything reminded me of the time I spent in ESL almost 7 years ago. Thankfully, I have erased those first four months of painful integration into Canadian culture, elementary school, and new “friends” almost completely out of my memory. English 119 was like a reminder of where I started. A truly humbling experience! And although it felt a bit degrading at first, to go back to lessons on basic communication, having worked so hard to escape these in the past, I surprised myself with how much  I actually enjoyed the class. irony memeContrary to popular belief, not everyone that ends up in Mathematics hates arts and literature. I for one, love reading (anything but my textbooks), learning new languages, experiencing different cultures, and don’t mind writing if it’s for a purpose or topic that I am passionate about. The best part of this course in my opinion was to have the ability to choose the theme of our blog posts, TED Talks, and final reports. In the university bubble we currently live in, we are defined by words such as “requirement”,  “mandatory”, and the less stressed, but somehow still as painful to hear – “suggested”. Choice is a hot commodity and it is very easy to forget to take every opportunity to explore subjects that actually excite us.

Another high point for me was the first glimpse of the Rhetorical Triangle.

This was partially due to my fascination with ancient Greece, and partially because I am usually the first one to drop out of an argument due to lack of confidence in my own ideas. Now, knowing that learning how to become better at persuading an  audience is a possibility, I fully intend to make it a new personal goal of mine.

Image result for report writing memesThe report writing component, while it was a painful and step by step process (I tend to take a more “all in one go” approach in life), was completely necessary and useful for us to go through as well. I think it took me a few days of mental preparation just to convince myself that I all I needed to do was to start typing and see where my topic took me. At the end of the day , what’s important is not how much we all dread writing reports, but how you can distinguish yourself by showing even the smallest amount of knowledge on report structure and understanding of your readers. Having contributed to a few technical report during my co-ops (also having done audit work which I ABSOLUTELY HATED so I’ll spare you the details), it’s no mystery to me that reports are feared by 99% of the population. The other 1% just haven’t attempted writing one yet… So might as well just embrace it!

Finally, I would like to thank Sara for being honest with her expectations and understanding of our needs. Your guidance throughout this course was very much appreciated. More importantly, thank you for providing us with a great way to escape our day-to-day, math/ computer science – absorbed lives.  Image result for school's out for summer gif






One thought on “A Bittersweet Goodbye

  1. Love that meme – I admit I feel exactly the same way. I did that actual dance. Thanks for your kind words. I am not one to take praise well, but I also feel grateful to you for being such an engaged student. Thanks for your hard work and best of luck in the future.

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