The Journey of ENGL119

How time flies! I cannot remember when is the first time I came to the class, while I still remember the emotion about first touching this course is nervous since I thought this course is difficult for me whose first language is not English to learn. However, after about three months studying, I thought my English communication improve extremely.

I still remember that the first new thing I learned from this course is the genre which I did not know before. Moreover, I learned the rhetorical triangle which contains  logos, ethos and pathos. In fact, I never consider that I need to use rhetorical triangle to write an essay or communicate with other people before I learned it in this class. I am pretty sure that I will focus on how to use rhetorical triangle to convince somebody when communicating or engage audiences when I write an essay in the future. The way of engaging your audiences is that you should build your credibility, also you should use some logic to convince the audiences. Moreover, you should establish a relationship between you and your audiences.

Another thing I learned from this class is the power of teamwork. I could not forget that I was so nervous when I heard I need to do a presentation with unfamiliar teammates since I thought I might mess it up. However, when I did this presentation with my teammates, I felt very comfortable to communicate with them. They help me a lot when I prepared my part of topic. Although we did not very well for the rehearsing one, we helped each others and practiced much more. Finally, we are satisfied with our final presentations. From this experience, I believe that if I face the same situation like some group work in other courses or future work, I will be more confidence to communicate with others and do not feel nervous any more.

When I check my email which I sent to my teacher to talk about my English level, I think that at least I improve my communication through these three months. In this course, I learned how to communicate with other people using some great ideas. Moreover, I learned how to write a proposal ,even a report. Tell you the truth, I did not touch these before. I cannot imagine that I would search some reliable articles by my university library. The proposal and report will help me a lot since I maybe do some reports when I work in the future. Thus, it is useful to maintain how to write a report. At least, I know how to start it while I did not know anything about it.

After all, it is a great experience to take the ENGL119 this course. It is just like a part of journey of my life. In this journey, I learned how to communicate with others face to face or in writing form. By the way, I am going back to my final report and thanks for your reading!



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