The End or To Be Continued

I never liked or enjoyed English in High School, Junior High, and elementary school. As a kid, I love reading but not writing. I remember having to write journals in elementary school and I hated it. English was always my least favorite subject in High School. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I’m in the faculty of Mathematics and not in Arts studying English.


In my perspective, English in high school was like a terribly designed game. It was Shakespeare, novel, reflection, essay, poetry, level up to the next grade and repeat. Never the less, I kind of enjoyed grade 12 English as I had a very interesting teacher for that course. As we read The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, and other materials, he shares with the class his understanding of the materials, which made the readings understandable/meaningful and the course enjoyable.


I thought I had finished all the English courses in my life after completing grade 12 English in high school.


In the beginning of University, there was the ELPE English Proficiency exam. Which I felt was a repeat of OSSLT in grade 10. After that, I had to take one of ENGL 119 or another online English course to meet my program requirements. I have always preferred learning in a physical class room than online tutorials so here I am. As I’m at 95% completion status bar of the course, I have to say, it is much better than what I had expected it to be 4 months ago when I was on quest 24/7 trying to find a spot to enroll into the course. This is definitely the best English course that I have ever had.


Reflecting back to the email assignment, I wrote that I wanted to improve my communication skills in the work place: both oral and written communication. At the current stage of the course, I feel I have exceeded my hopes for this course from learning the Rhetoric triangle, audience, purpose and context. The TED talk presentation, blog posts, proposal and report were all great practices to try out what I have learned from the course.


Lastly, I would like to thank you: Sara for making such an interesting and memorable course. I wish you a safe trip to Victoria with your pets and family. I hope all of them will find their way to your new place, especially your kids and enjoy the sunshine and beaches in Victoria. All the best.


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