The Beginning of The End

Finally, there is less than one week left this term!!! So it is time to do some reflect on my course.

At the beginning of the term, my program requirement needs me to have two humanity courses, since I am not good at language learning so I took an English course instead of a new language course such as French. The topic of ENGL 119 is communication in math and CS. Because my program is computer science, ENGL 119 caught my attention and I took the course.english-time.jpg

At the beginning the course, Sara asked us to send an email about our communication skills and the goals for the course. In that email, I said I was very nervous to express my idea in front many people and I had a bad habit which is I often look at the ceiling instead of my audiences when I am giving a speech. Also I said I want to learn some professional writing skills in this course.

Well, it is almost the end of the term, I feel that I almost changed my bad habit after the TED Talk assignment, but I still need to work on my presentation since I still feel nervous in front of a group of people. Also, I learned a lot of professional writing skills such as how to write a proposal, and I think these writing skills could help me a lot in my future career.

ENGL 119 is a course that teaches us the comprehensive knowledge about communication skills. The major assignments are:

  • Blog Posts
  • TED Talk
  • Proposal
  • Report

Some of them are focusing on talking, and some others are focusing on different styles of writing. After these assignments, I could have a brief understanding of them and use thees skills in the future.

At the beginning of the term Sara said the writing skill is like muscle, it could be trained and may loss easily, so I have to practice these skills after this term. About the things that I will keep working on, I think I will continue to practice my speaking skill in the future by making some short speech. writingAbout the proposal and the report writing skills, I wish I could have some time to practice but it really needs plenty of time so I do not think I could practice them too much. But I will try to read some proposal and reports in order to remember the knowledge I learned this term.

Generally, ENGL 119 is a useful course for me. I enjoyed the learning and made some progress during the term. I hope I could remember the knowledge I learned this term and use them in my future career.hardworkimage.jpg

One thought on “The Beginning of The End

  1. I think you might have misunderstood the purpose of the course: it’s about communicating better, period. . It wasn’t about learning English and certainly, French is not an option for the two required communications courses. I hope you feel you did become a better communicator.


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