Thanks for ENGL119 and Sara!

It is the end of ENGL 119 this term. I don’t know how to describe this course. It is the most difficult course I have learned this term definitely. I am not a person who can enjoy writing for several hours since I am really not good at writing. This course let me learn a lot of knowledge about formal writing. I feel grateful for both Sara and ENGL 119 course. Although I know I am still not a good writer, but I am trying to enjoy writing. I think that is a correct process to study writing.

When I was a primary school student, I got my first full mark in a math exam. My interest of mathematics was stimulated by that full mark. That small accomplishment gave me a lot of confidence on mathematics, but I didn’t have any thing similar that can raise my confidence on writing. I feel bad when I am writing and I always try to avoid to write formal articles. That even become the reason I change my university program from financial analysis to computer science. I know that is not a correct thinking, and I am trying to change my negative reinforcement on writing. That is the main reason I choose ENGL 119 this term. I am a third year student, and I am only required to take one language course before I choose ENGL 119. I want to study some writing skills and I want to start to enjoy writing but not fear to write.

During this term, I learned many writing skills form this course, but I don’t think that is my biggest gain from this course. Comparing to the writing skills, writing without negative emotion is more important gain from this course. I start to write some blogs, and I do not need to follow many complicated rules when I am writing blogs. I also present a ted talk that I can express the information that I am interested. The final report does not make me feel boring since I can decide my own topic of the report. I always choose the topics and contents which makes me feel interesting. These assignments let me start to enjoy writing since I am writing something I really want to write. Writing with fixed topic is painful sometimes. I never felt happy when I was writing essay about Shakespeare in high school. Thanks for ENGL 119, I get a change to write some different thing which is not related to literature.

I know writing is very important for everyone since it is impossible to find some job which is not required writing skills. Before graduating, I still have at least one year to improve my writing skills. I want to become an average-level writer in the future. I think that is not a crazy goal for me if I try to write some more articles. At the end, I feel really grateful for this course. Thanks!



One thought on “Thanks for ENGL119 and Sara!

  1. I’ll be honest – I’ve now read about 10 blog posts thanking me and that wasn’t the purpose of this exercise. You were meant to reflect on your time in the class. In any case – thank for your kind words.


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