Thanks for ENGL 119


Time flies!!! It is almost the end of this term.

Look back to the entire term, what I have learnt from ENGL 119?

The Rhetorical Triangle is the main concept that has been carried through the whole semester:

  • Ethos: the credibility of the speaker
  • Pathos: when the speech stirs their emotions
  • Logos: the persuasive arguments suitable to the casedrawingrhetoricaltriangle.png

Learning the Rhetorical Triangle helps me a lot in improving my English communication skills. More importantly, we were not just learning the concept of how to use Rhetorical triangle, The TED talk, final report and these three blog posts gave us chances to practice.

I actually feel very grateful that I chose to take ENGL 119, especially at the very end of this term, all projects, reports and presentations are coming to me one by one. What I learnt from ENGL 119 not only helped me in finishing the assignments for this course, but also helped me in working on the reports and presentations for my other courses:

  1. I had a presentation this Monday and the topic was about the privacy of social media. When I was practicing with my teammates, I gave few suggestions to this presentation. For example, I suggested that we need transitions between each person’s talk. I also suggested that we should be more engaged with audiences by asking question like “How many of you are using social media?” and “ Do you concern about the potential risk of using social media?” Thanks for the experience of TED talk and Sara’s feedbacks, I made improvements in this presentation. 
  2. Sara also taught us how to nicely give comments to peers. This does really help me in writing a group report with other two students. Writing a group report is even harder than writing individual report cause each group members might have different opinions. Thanks for ENGL 119, I learnt how to effectively work in a team and give proper suggestions to other team members. 
  3. Using the APA format to make citations has annoyed me a lot before. Every time when I work on a report, I need to learn how to cite references again. Fortunately, it is included in the lecture and also taught us how to paraphrase the references. Thanks for the APA powerpoint, I learnt how to the correctly cite references and use them to support the claims in my report.

Which just happened yesterday,  I was working on my final report when my roomie came to talk to me. He and I took a business course together last year and we were in the same group. When he proofread my part, he found tons of grammar errors and vague arguments. But yesterday, he read my report and told me that my writing is better than before, I realized that my English writing have improved during the study of ENGL 119.


Thanks for ENGL 119 and Sara’s help, I make significant progress in my English communication and I am now more confident in both writing and speaking. I am glad that I take this course before graduation. I believe this term’s study will help me a lot in my future career.

Lastly, I hope my English learning is not end.


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