See you, English 119


At the very beginning, English 119 only meant more credits for me. In China, it is common for IELTS participants to score less in writing and speaking than in reading and listening. You don’t know what a torture it is for me to study English, I don’t know how to write and what to write. And I have never expected an English course in my undergraduate career. Actually, this is my second English course in the university of Waterloo. To be honest, I took English courses only because it is required. I really don’t like this kind of English course. Now, I know I was wrong. Compared to the ESL 102R, English 119 focused on the skills of using English but not try to improve your English ability. I mean in English 102R, professor only care about your grammar and words. However, English 119 teaches me more about how to use English correctly in different occasions.

Though English 119, I found speech preparation intriguing when we started TED Talk. Me and my teammates, we sat together, and learned how to solve problems, ways to brainstorm and compromise to each other. During the group discussion, every member was active in expressing his own ideas. But it was only when I stepped on the stage that I realize speech was not simply a few sentences there, speech making is a form of power, it is helpful to gain more self-confidence, better language skills and more logic and critical thinking. As Dale Carnegie said, one can build self-confidence and courage by gaining the ability to express your ideas in public, with which one can achieve anything. That is what I learn from TED Talk. I really love TED Talk section!

Public speaking skills is not the only thing improved by TED Talk. We also have better communication and cooperation skills, and logical thinking ability. For me, it is a pleasure to participate in the whole process. Now I know what is rhetoric triangle, I know how it works, I know how to write proposal and report, and it means a lot to me.

Additionally, I have to say Sara is a patient and responsible lecturer. She is conscientious on every note of my homework paper and offers practical suggestion for me. With her help, I have made rapid progress in English, especially in writing. I did not remember when I began to sense writing was not that challenging during online writing task and its repeated revising. At the start of final report preparation, it was a headache. It was surprising that everything went better than I thought when I followed the guideline. Maybe it proves that learning is a process of unconscious influence.

Though said by many, I want to say thank you, Sara. All the best in Victoria, and don’t lose your cats! And I need to keep working on my report, compared to the TED talk, it’s not cool………..

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