Reflections and Connections

Ambitious starts

At the beginning of this term, I sent an email to Professor Humphreys about how I wanted to become a better communicator. I wanted to be more confident when speaking. I wanted to become the perfect communicator. And I did.


There were a lot of things that I improved on. Professor Humphreys lectured through the term about concepts of communication. I had the pleasure to learn about many factors in play during a presentation, such as the purpose, audience, context, ethos, logos, pathos, power of visual aides, and more. The list goes on and on. I had the pleasure of learning a lot about presentation concepts that I will apply in the planning stages of my future presentations.

Image result for purpose audience context

Course Review

During the beginning of the term, I expected that this course would be very easy. Coming from a Computer Science and Finance background, I thought that this would be a bird course. I was quite wrong.

Image result for english course meme

Contrary to the amount of memes used as visual aids and attention grabbers, the course was just like any other in terms of work load, and expects the same level of commitment as with any other course. I originally wanted to take ENGL 210F online course to fulfill my requisite requirements for my program plan instead of ENGL 119. However, after sitting in a few classes and listening to what the course plan was, I do not regret my decision to remain in ENGL 119.

I would have fallen behind in ENGL 210F. ENGL 119 kept me coming to class, (mostly) attentive and I was always provided with the opportunity to learn something new.

Image result for english memes

Whether it be a concept of presentation, common grammatical mistakes that people make or new frameworks to write paragraphs and research reports, I was always provided with a new tool to overall improve my language of communication. Having shown up to most of these classes in order to keep up with the material really helped me in the long run, and I do think it was one of the largest contributing factors towards my success in the class.

Despite showing up to class for the majority of the term, my schedule became increasingly rough near the end. I am now at a point where I am slightly behind on understanding what I need for this research report, but I do believe that I can catch up to polish my final report to a A level standard.

Going forward

Past this course, I would like to continue my pursuit of becoming a better communicator. For one, I learned just today from my finance professor, a better way of illustrating a narrative during a presentation. There is always so much to learn about communicating, and I believe that it will become one of the most crucial skills I learn during my career development. Even in finance classes, networking and communication are deemed to be 2 of the most important skills in order to obtain great success.

How I will continue this is quite simple: I will keep presenting, keep practicing the art of communication, and keep looking for feedback and ways to improve. However, unlike the way I opened this blog post, I will stay humble and always open to new suggestions when it is offered. After taking this course, I end this term a better communicator with more room for improvement than I began with. Albert Einstein puts it best:

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

Einstein, 1980. Retrieved from just kidding.

Although I say it is the end of the term, it feels more like a new beginning to me. The beginning of a new journey to grow even better, and one day, become something like this rather than the meme that is seen so often in the beginning of this blog post.


And with that, I say, welcome to new beginnings of english language learning.


One thought on “Reflections and Connections

  1. I feel much the same way – the more I learn, the less i seem to know. That’s a good thing. Thanks for this post – I am so glad your other profs are also teaching communication skills! That’s vital! Thanks for all your hard work! (Also, love those gifs – fantastic!)


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