My Learning Journey of ENGL119

Communication is the thing we use to connect to other people and know them better. English 119 had a big effect on me as a person and on my communication skills. In this blog, I will talk about how this course helped me to improve my communication skills, which areas of communication skills I improved, and how this class cleared my way to the future.

My learning journey



English 119 is one of the classes that focuses on improving the most important communication skills,which are Electronic Communication, Written, Oral and Visual. Written communication is the one that I did the most in this course. That is why I think my writing communication skill improved the most. We did many writing assignments in class that required us to communicate with each others. For example, in the first day of class, Sara taught me how to write a formal email and asked me to send a formal email to her about what I expect to improve in the future learning in terms of communication skills.From this lecture, I learned that when I write an email, my email must always have a subject line, which will provide context for the message and use action-oriented language that tells readers what I expect from them. This is one example of how I develop my electronic communication skills. Another example is the rhetorical quiz that I did for the Rhetorical Triangle lecture. In the past I used to think that I use writing to express myself and what I think, however after I learned Rhetorical Triangle all these ideas were changed. Now I understand that an author must choose the right strategy to communicate with his audience, who are those audiences and how to convince them. For example, during the lecture Sara told me that I have to establish credibility when I convince an audience by providing logical evidence. In order to successfully convince the audience, the writer has to critically think and fully understand the problem and the detailed components of the solution.

Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle[1]


Many people in this world have trouble speaking in front of an audience. I hate giving speeches because I get nervous about saying the wrong thing and I speak English with a Chinese accent. These are some of the problems I encounter when I speak in front of a group. My oral communication skills improved a lot in giving the TED talk presentation. Comfort and confidence are big things in oral communication. In my first opportunity to speak in my ENGL119 class I didn’t feel comfortable. Stuttering and sweating where some of my faults when I was speaking. Overall I feel that I did better then I thought I would. As class goes on, Sara taught me The TED formulas which are ten important presentation skills that could help me to be more confident and to prepare a successful speech. For example, I still remember the number one rule out of ten rules is using “open” and welcoming body language. I used open body language and gestures to inspire confidence and emphasise key points in my final TED talk presentation. Finally, I got above 80 which is better than I expect.

Unlock potential communication skills in the futureeyes

I think that English 119 opened for me some of the doors to my future. It improved my thinking about communication, and prepared me well for my next journey in the English sea. In my next English class, like English 102R, I will be expected to know some information that meets the requirement for that class, but I think I’ve been well prepared for that. I am confidant of what I learned, and I think I will do well in my next English class.

Communication is an important part of the English language. In this class I was exposed to the best ways of using communication skills. The tasks in this class where really challenging, but Sara explained clearly what we should do and gave us in class time for each strategy, which made it easier for us. I feel really good when I learn something useful and valuable, and I am happy to say that this class is one of the classes that gave me that feeling. Otherwise, I feel that in class I need to contribute more in class conversations one of the main reasons I don’t participate or speak in class by answering questions is because I am really shy. This is what I feel I have to work on doing in class.

In the end, I want to tell the people who is going to take this course that this is a really helpful course. It will help you to improve your Written, Oral and Visual communication skills.



One thought on “My Learning Journey of ENGL119

  1. Thanks for the wonderful meme and kind words. I don’t think it’s a fault to sweat and stutter during a presentation, but you do want to lessen your own suffering! Thanks for all your hard work!


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