The Journey on the Engl119

The summer semester seems to be over in just a blink of an eye. It has been a very busy but substantial semester for me, since many courses I have taken are challenging, but at the same time, beneficial, and wherein, ENGL 119 is one such course.

My Goals and What I Should Keep Working on

The reason that I chose this course, ENGL 119, was that I really yearned for acquiring some professional business communication skills, just as what I have stated in the email that I sent at the beginning of this class. I still remember that in that email, I introduced myself as an outgoing person, it is totally true and I really love to talk with people, even strangers. Chatting with others is definitely what I am willing to do, but when it comes to speak with professional business terminology, I just break down, let alone talking back and forth in some kind of professional business tone. However, my career planning is getting into the business, so talking in the way that I am afraid of is what I would get involved with every day if I get my ideal job in the future.

Looking back on the term as a whole, I think something about me has changed. I have been trying hard to talk with others in a more formal way, with a slower pace, avoiding useless phrases, like “you know”, “um”. Speaking a little bit slowly could make me sound more confident, and I could have more time to think before I speak, so I would not say something that confuses others just like before. I think this is the first step to acquiring professional business communication skills, but still what I should keep working on.

Moreover, speaking with business terminology is still my weakness, since I do not have many chances to talk with others using terms relating to business. Even though some presentations that I have been involved in this semester have offered me with opportunities to speak some business terms very formally, they are really not enough exercises for me. Looking for friends who have similar goals and practicing this kind of conversations with them may be a good idea.


Course Review

When I look back at this course ENGL 119, I have to say, even though the process is not worry-saving, the course is quite enjoyable and beneficial. When I say “not worry-saving”, I mean honestly I do not enjoy writing courses very much. I find it hard for me to write a proper essay or report due to my grammatical deficiencies and lack of vocabulary. However, I know this is what makes it important for students like me.

Aside from that (some personal problems), I do learn a lot from this course, like the Rhetoric triangle. Class environment was so alive, thanks to those exquisitely prepared power point slides. I also enjoy working in a team, for example, preparing a presentation with my teammates, which allows me to communicate with other classmates. Moreover, I really appreciate the communications and interaction between the professor and students, the professor gave us a lot of feedbacks.

What I will always keep in mind is professor’s help, I know my first proposal was a disaster, but professor gave me a lot of advice with patience to help me correct those errors in grammar and logic. I want to thank the professor for being so nice and kind to me, I feel so lucky to have met a professor who truly cares about students.



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