It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Finally, the spring term only has a few days left and it’s time for me to do a reflection for my ENGL119 class. In fact, taking a language course in the last term of my university life is quite challenging for me because I may have to spend another 4 months in this place if I fail this course. The good thing is I made it, I think it’s time for me to share something with you about this course and my university life.


To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of any language courses because, in my opinion, every language has its own cultural heritage and learning new language is a time-consuming job, it’s impossible to learn a new language just by taking a 4 months course, therefore, I did not have any expectation for this course and I just want to finish it in order to meet my degree requirement. However, my mind changed after I did the first blog assignment. I found that it’s a very good experience to share my thoughts with different people and gets feedback. I realized that writing was not as easy as I thought and I still have a lot of things to learn.

I believe the most challenging part for me in this course is the TED talk. In fact, I had never made any talk in front of the public before I do this TED talk because I would rather face a laptop or a cellphone than an actual human being for the most of my time. Our team had a hard time when we start the TED talk because our topic was too broad to talk about and we didn’t have enough time to hold group meetings since we all had midterms. We did very bad on the rehearsal. However, with the help of Sara and my teammates, we found the most appropriate way to approach our TED talk. The key idea is how to connect examples we found to our main topic and made a connection with audiences. After hours of work, I believe our team members all did a great job and I also realized that making a speech is not just reading papers, it’s more about how to use different techniques to attract your audiences. I think the rhetoric triangle that introduced by Sara gives me a lot of help on my TED talk assignment and I believe it could be a useful tool in the workplace as well.


I think I have learned a lot by taking this course, but there are things that I still need to keep working on. For example, my writing skills. I have to admit that my English writing skills are poor and it’s not something I can fix just by taking a 4 months course. I need to practice more on my writing skills by reading more books. Moreover, I also need to improve my presentation skills, I need to make more eye contact with audiences and try not to be too nervous. 

In conclusion, ENGL119 is a fun course and thank Sara for giving me a lot of help on improving my English writing skills. I believe what I learned from this could also be very useful when I go to the workplace.


One thought on “It’s Time to Say Goodbye

  1. I can certainly see an improvement in your writer, so thanks for all your hard work. You are right – a 12 week course can only give you the tools to be a better communicator, it’s up to you to keep using them.


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