Here’s the End



I still cannot believe that this term is almost over and all my five classes go to the end. I am glad that I “peacefully” pass another term and, also, I made a correct choice to take ENGL119 this term.

ENGL119 is a special course for me. Comparing it to other courses, ENGL119 draws my life in a different color. In CS246, which is another course I am taking this term, coding is the theme. I am not saying that I hate coding, but it is really boring to sit in front of the computer screen and to focus on the code that is hard to understand for hours. However, in ENGL119, things changed a lot. What I remembered the most in ENGL119 was our TED Talk. I did lots of presentations before, but I had to say the TED Talk I did in the class is the most impressive one in my life and I really loved it. It led me to go out of my room and to explore the new knowledge. It taught me how to do research and how to express my idea. The most important thing was that it gave me more friends who could help each other in a team and worked like a family.

In the course of ENGL119, I learnt a lot of stuff which was hard but related to professional writing and communication. For example, before I took the ENGL119 course, conversation between other people and me always led to a bad ending: I had nothing to say or they didn’t agree with me and didn’t want to keep going. However, I learnt the rhetorical triangle in the course and it explains how communication works and how the speakers can convince their audience. This was really helpful because I knew how to express my idea clearly and to convince other people with my own idea. These days I was working on a large CS246 project and I needed to work with other group members. It was common that we had different thoughts. If I were Mingkun Ni in the last term, I would feel extremely uncomfortable and try to argue my idea “loudly”. However, I knew how to deal with this situation at present: I explained to them how my idea work and pointed out its advantage, and let them to judge it. This always led to a agreement whether it was from me or from other group member and we could continue our discussion.

My purpose of taking ENGL119 is to improve my communication skills and to prepare for my next work term. English is my second language and I have to commit that I am not really good at it. That made me fear about the life in the next term because I am afraid that I will mess up my work. However, I feel confident now because I know the communication skills that I need in the next term by taking ENGL119 and I never regret to take this course. I will miss you guys, the greatest classmates and the most excellent professor, Sara. Thanks for your help and advice. Hope to meet you guys again in the future.



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