Engl119- Its Been a Ride!

      I still remember the day when I talked to my colleague about need to take a Course which could help me in my writing skills. As it is, being an International student, it was necessary for me to assimilate myself in the native way of speaking and writing. This was partially  accomplished earlier when I successfully completed a Speech and Communication course.

      However the need  for coming up to native standards was always there. It was with this objective  that I pre-enrolled in English 119, a communication course for Mathematics and Computer science students. After all the course would be tailored for a student like me. I was fortunate that I got selected for the course.

      This term, i.e. Spring 2017,  was a very heavy work load term for me in as much as I had also enrolled in 3 very demanding Computer Science course. Due to the Computer Science course load, in the initial period of the term , I felt that I could not get the best out of my English course so I had made up my mind to drop the course. However due to timely counselling by my friends I decided to continue with the course.

In the course there were many things that I learnt. I learnt about Bibliography, Blogs, Rhetoric communication , TED talk , proposal writing and the techniques of writing a report . In Bibliography I learnt how to properly search thesis information over the internet and cite sources. The same was kept in mind while doing my final Report.


Further in the course and after learning about blog  I came to realise that how my writing was very formal like an essay instead of a blog. Later on, due to active guidance of my Instructor Sara Humphrey, I slowly transitioned to writing a blog. This was a major achievement.  The art of communication was better understood by me through the ‘Rhetoric’ class. I came to realise the importance of the three components of a communication i.e Logos , Pathos and Ethos. This I would certainly keep in mind in my future communication ordeals, be it verbal or written. In the course I also became acquainted with how to write a proposal. However the biggest learning exercise came through the TED talk. The TED talk helped me in improving my team skill as well to face the audience. It helped me in my oratory skill which will go a long way in my communication in an interview or within a work place. The team coordination along with the communication was fully seen and this experience would go a long way in my future teamwork. The culmination of the course was with the Report writing. It taught me various intricacies involved in a Report writing. All the skills acquired during the course is being fully utilised while writing my report on – The Need for New Search Engine Algorithms. I am, now, in a better position to write a Report after the course.

While I thrived to do justice to my goal set out, when I decided not to drop the course, yet there were circumstances , I felt, that hindered my progress. The Coop interviews deprived me of taking full advantage of all the lectures in as much as I missed a couple of classes. I tried to make up through interaction with my colleagues, but the precious time lost could not be fully salvaged. Sometimes my other course workload prevented me from giving my full output during the course assignment. In the hindsight, I feel, that I did not plan well since there was no reason for me not to give some more time when the circumstances so demanded. After all, I had faced similar situations in the past.

The course has been structured very well so much so that a non native communicator like me, at the end of the course, is better equipped to deal with  communications required. I cannot think of any other better structured course that can fulfil the course objective so well as our instructor, Sara , has designed. The course is beautifully paced. While the work pressure was not immensely felt, yet it did not let me relax even a single bit. The course is structured such that no one can take it lightly.


I am really thankful to my friends who counselled me to take this course. Today, I can say that I am a better communicator, both verbal and written. I have learned the intricacies of communication which would certainly be very useful for my future interviews with employers and clients as also with written presentation in my workplace. For this I am extremely thankful to my course instructor, Sara Humphrey. Thank you, Sara.iycbu

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