End and Thanks

Look back to the email I sent to Sara, it is hard to believe that the term is almost over.


Before I took this course, I have been working on some projects for research. Most of the time, I contact with the professor by email, but never thought about how to write formally. After Lecture two, I was so shame about the emails that I wrote before. There are so many rules in order to make a email become polite. That was the time that I started thinking this course would help me with my writing.


Then we learned about the rhetoric triangle. Even though it is just an ancient discovery, it is still be very useful in all situations of communication. Speaker, me, a student of ENGL119; audience, Sara and my classmate and people read the blogs; message, show what I learn in this course. Using this formula makes me become a successful communicator. (However I am still getting suck on the essay.) Then I used it for our TED talk.

It is an interesting experience for me to give a TED talk. Since I am a computer science student, it is not necessary to give a speech for most of the classes. TED talk gave me a chance to stand in front of people to perform. Thanks again for my teammates, Mariam, Berdem and Anthony. We did not have time to discuss the presentation before the dress rehearsal because of the midterm. However, after we got the feedback from Sara, we did a lot of changes to our presentation. Not like other topics, our topic, what are serious games and how are they changing education, is not easy to show up some interesting facts by data. When I saw other groups presented the data in a very beautiful way, I wished our group can do something like that. But on this topic, it is too new that we hardly find some data we want. In the final presentation, I was so nervous that I skipped something that I supposed to say and my speech was too quick. I still need more practice on this part of my everyday speaking.


Then we began working on our essays. We can decide our topic by our own according to the TED talk topic, which is great. My part of the TED talk is about simulation game, so I just chose it as my main idea of the topic. Thanks to Sara, I built my idea step by step. And I am still currently working on it now.


Finally, many thanks to Sara, for giving us those impressive lectures throughout the term. She is just to everyone. She is training us as writers. I will always use the rhetoric triangle for my writing, especially for the email, because I think emails always the first way to get in touch with a stranger. “Your language use reflects your image.” Right?


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