The Ending or the Beginning


Time passed by, this term is going to the end. I still remember the first day I joined our ENG119 classes. On that day, I was a little bit nervous and embarrassed because I enrolled in the course late. I missed first three classes. Also on that day, I wrote an email to Sara as my first assignment. In the email, I showed my goal and purpose of our course. I also expressed my disadvantages in English. To be honest, at the beginning of the course, I doubted I could improve my English skills through the course because I did not develop my writing skill in my three-year university life any more. But right now, I have to say I was wrong. I have learned a lot in this course.


  The TED Talk really gave me a deep impression. I have done some presentations before the class. However, after I learned in our class, I have to say they were not professional presentations. They were not professional and academic. During the class, we prepared our TED Talk step by step. We were divided in different groups based on the same topic. We did brainstorm together. We made plan and schedule. We argued about the main point. We also tried to understand and compromise to each other. When the presentation began, we were confident and ambitious. We learned how to finish a presentation. We also learned how to collaborate with others. We also became friends. We dined together and went fishing over the next month. By the way, the presentation helped me to know the TED Talk. I always watched TED Talk recently and learned a lot.


The rest of the class was a hard period. I received a very hard report. The report is the most important work in the class which has many new rules and structure. At first, we needed to finish a proposal. That was the first time for me to write a proposal. I even did not understand the meaning of proposal. When I handed in my first draft, I thought the work is not bad. However, I realized I made many mistakes while I received the feedback. I worked very hard to fix the problems and tried to write a better proposal. Now, I am working on the report’s first draft. The topic of my report is about the housing market. It is a broad topic. I paid attention to the essay. All I want is to finish a high quality report because this report can reflect my own perspective and show my thought. I will try my best to finish the report well.


Through the course, I realize my English is still very weak. In the rest of my university life, I will try my best to learn and practice English. I believe the ending of the course will not be the ending of English learning. Conversely, it is the beginning of the reports, blogs and the TED Talk.

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