The End!!!

Time flies! The spring term is always the shortest term each year. My time schedule was so full this spring and I had lots of tests. Although I feel I am so busy everyday, this spring term is very meaningful to me. I took ENGL 119 this term! I chose this course. One reason is that this is a mandatory course in my major; the other one is that I really wanted to learn something about writing. Now, at the end of this course, I can tell you that i have learned a lot at this course through different assignments.


  • Email

It was my first time to send my goal and expectation for a course to the course instructor and I really appreciated that I have the opportunity to do that in this course. I believe it is such a good way for the instructor and students to know each other, and knowing the English level of each student enables the instructor to help each student more efficiently. When I was sending the email to Sara, I felt so nervous because I know English is just not my strength, I did not know whether I can do well in this course or not. Fortunately, Sara encouraged me in her reply, which inspired me and gave me confidence. Without the confidence I have in myself, I do not know whether i am able to make this far.


  • TED Talk

When I was watching the video that Sara showed in class, I felt so interested. It was my first time to touch this word: TED Talk. I had the chance to do one TED Talk in class. I was assigned to a small group and started to work with them. The entire presentation process taught me a lot. I have a deeper understanding in teamwork. Each one of us should respect others’ ideas. There is no stupid ideas, everyone should give their own opinion so that we can combine them and make our presentation better.


  • Proposal and Report

I have written two work term reports for PD course before. Similar to the report I am writing now, both of them are research reports. I have taken online PD courses but none of them is as comprehensive as ENGL 119. I remember when I submitted my proposal to Sara, she commented on it very carefully, making me get to know my drawbacks and I was able to improve my contents based on these comments. As was advised, I went to the Writing Center in SCH to discuss my report with the tutors there. They gave me very useful advice that I believe can also be useful in the future writing of my PD reports. Also, this is my first time to get involved in designing documents, I am keeping learning here,


Although three months are not very long, I gained a lot. I know what the Rhetorical Triangle is right now. I have learned how to write academic and professional paragraphs. Enrolling in this course was one of the best choice I made, it really helped me. I know there are still a lot of things I do not know about writing, but I will keep exploring. I want to say thank you to everyone in this session. It is you guys who made my learning experience so great. I hope this experience can become a wonderful memory for each one of us.


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