ENGL 119 Course Reflection

I can’t believe this semester is almost over!


Throughout this semester I have learned a plethora of skills in my first English class at University of Waterloo. ENGL 119 has taught me useful techniques in writing and presenting. I have learned different writing techniques, how to make PowerPoint, APA citation formatting, as well as how to find and properly use different sources.

Through class exercises and writing different types of reports, I was able to grasp some of those skills. When it comes to writing, I think there are still a lot of room for improvements. Writing words is not hard but writing effective and meaningful words is difficult; it is the hardest among other types of communication like reading and speaking. Skills such as writing a good topic sentence, transition sentences, and proper grammar are just some of the areas that I need to improve on.

I remembered how nerve wracking I used to be whenever I gave a speech or presentation in front of people before taking this course. However, through the TED talk experience and carefully reading about the helpful feedback given by my professor, I feel more confident to give presentations effectively in the future, whether in front of students or in front of coworkers.


The dress rehearsal was really helpful to me because it allowed me to get ready for the real TED talk day. (Because I made so many mistakes in my dress rehearsal and if you are wondering what happened to my dress rehearsal, you can look back at my previous blog.) This TED talk opportunity not only enhanced my presentation skills, but also strengthened my teamwork and collaboration skills. And all of these skills are crucial in life.


One of the good aspects about this course is most of the work we have done previously builds up to our final project, which is a research paper based on our TED talk topic: Coding as a Second Language. I am glad that I have chosen something I am interested in writing and doing research on.

At the beginning, I struggled to find good information on my topic, because most of the results found in Google’s search engine were opinion based and without peer reviewed. Google is a good place to get a general background information on my topic, however, if I want to build ethics in my report, I should use more peer reviewed papers to support my points. From the workshop on the different tools provided in library resources, I was able to find reliable and credible information that backed up my main arguments.  

Through this course I feel my language skills have grown in all different aspects. By composing different types of reports (proposal, blog posts and research paper). I was able to achieve my goals after the completion of this course, from presenting in front of people, to learning how to find credible resources or properly cite used references in the report. Although I have had some improvements, but there are still way more secrets in English literature that I need to learn. However, using the information obtained from this class will provide me an aid in future reports (the dreadful work term reports) and presentation.


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