Time to Reflect on the Past

To be honest, this term is the fastest one I ever experienced in my university life. I guess that’s because I was too busy with countless assignments, term tests, and 8 midterm exams so no time to notice the time passing by. Look back at the starting point when we were asked to introduce ourselves and set up goals via email, it’s hard to imagine almost 3 months have gone and now we are here to summarize achievements we have made on completion of this course.


In the email assignment, I wrote “From my understanding, ENGL 119 aims at enhancing student’s speaking and wiring skills in the professional level.” Through three-month study, it has been proved that my understanding was in the right direction, which let me take a step closer to success. I have to say ENGL119 is a very well-structured course that gives students balanced opportunities to improve oral and written skills through a variety of individual and group assignments. I am a lucky one to have such great experience in my career.

Ted Talk is one of my best memorable part during this study term. Since I opened the course outline, I started looking forward to this group project. In the past work terms, I was frequently invited to meetings as a good listener. I believe I will be the one stand up and spread ideas to my colleagues one day at work place. Therefore, I appreciate every opportunity to speak in public, making sure I am well prepared for that day. Now that the result has been delivered to me long time ago, I still remember those comments word by word because I think they are more valuable than a number counted to my final grade. The two key points I learned are the images used in the slides and the emotions put in the speech.

  • Usage of Images. Try to insert images with high quality into my PPT. For example, some images could be eliminated because they did not directly support arguments, or it is unnecessary to add images in every single page.
  • Input of Emotions. The expression on a speaker’s face can easily influence the feelings of audience. Have you been taught to keep a smiling face for your audience? One exception is when you tell a tragic story, no tears needed but definitely not a happy face!!!


What I’m writing now – blog post, is another unforgettable part in this course. This is really like writing a diary, and I believe the last time I did this was……in elementary school. The difference is that a diary is secret (especially to your parents?), but a blog post is “public” (no real name, phone number, Facebook……). However, I do struggle with writing a post because I want to share valuable information so my readers won’t think reading this is a wast of time. Thank you ENGL119 for giving me a chance to express opinions online that I may not be able to achieve in real life.

Finally, I want to talk about the last stop of this course – proposal and 2000 word report. Proposal is a brand new term that comes to my dictionary, which trained me to find credible website resources and peer reviewed journals through UW library resources. The report is not really exciting for a coop student because we have to do this every 4 months!!! However, it is frightening to hear the story Sara told us twice: “Manulife was very upset about the quality of students’ writing from University of Waterloo”. Well, the fact is they will be my employer in the next four months. Fortunately, I selected ENGL119 this term to enhance academic writing and professional communication skills beforehand. It’s time to rescue the reputation!


At the end, I want to thank everyone for spending this spring term with me. Without your support, I will not be as successful as today. Whoever said “This is not the end, it’s just the beginning”, I am totally agree with that person. It’s just the beginning for us……to do the final exams!


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