The End of ENGL119

During our life, we encounter with numerous journeys. Some are short, while some are long. However, despite the length or type of journeys, there is always an end.

The end of ENGL119 came in the blink of an eye.  One day, I was writing a blog post about how my TED talk went, and now, I’m writing a reflection on the course. It really feels like it has only been a week since the TED talk has finished. Time does fly fast!

Looking back to the first week, for the e-mail assignment, I remember I wanted to develop my oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills not just in technological speaking but in overall communication. And, I do believe that this course has helped greatly to reach most of my goals successfully as I was able to improve my oral and written communication skills.

For example, a lot of writing assignments, such as Blog Posts and Proposals, awakened me how to write in different styles. It was a good practice as I had a long break from writing ever since I came to the University of Waterloo. Also, I think that the TED talk presentation was a great opportunity and an experience because not only I was able to develop oral communication skills, but I was also able to learn how to work as a group or team.


Some interesting and valuable things I also learned are:

  • How to research and cite sources properly.
  • The use of rhetoric in writing.
  • Proposals and professional report
  • Construction of paragraphs
  • Grammar and editing practice

Now that I’ve learned and acquired many different skills, I question myself: what do I do with them?


In all honesty, before I began this course, I thought that ENGL119 would be “one” of those courses which I simply do the required tasks and forget everything afterwards since it is an elective. However, throughout the course, I realized that the skills and assets I acquired from here could be carried on and be significantly utilized elsewhere. If good technological skills lead me to get interviews and jobs, good communication skills would allow myself to be loved by everyone at work.


Although I promised myself I would never want to do formal presentation, my thoughts changed after TED talk. Unlike usual English presentation which you talk about the literature like Shakespeare (hah), TED talk was entirely new and enjoyable method of presentation since I was able to talk about topic that I was interested in.

After the presentation, I learned that I require more improvement on my oral communication as I stuttered a lot. For this reason, I’m planning to further improve on this by taking more related courses like SPCOM.

In all, ENGL119 was a course that was very enjoyable and a lot to learn from. The following are reasons why you should take ENGL119 with Sara:

  • Sara was always cheerful and engaged the class very well by connecting with us.
  • The in-class descriptions for each assignment was very helpful as she guided us step-by-step clearly.
  • Sara provided lots of tips for writing.
  • Peer-review time and writing clinic are given as an opportunity to have your work reviewed.
  • You get involved with variety of exciting assignments: Blog Posts, TED Talk, Bibliography quiz, Professional Report Writing, and much more!

My ENGL119 journey was exciting but the end came quite quickly. I’ve learned many valuable things from the lecture as well as from peers. If you want to experience the same journey, go to Waterloo Quest now and hit that enroll button!

One thought on “The End of ENGL119

  1. I really appreciated your commitment to the course. I can see a great deal of improvement in your writing – most definitely. You are right. I can’t believe how fast time goes by! Thanks for all your hard work.


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