The dreaded summer semester is almost over!

For some reason, I thought that I would be able to manage and stay on top of school. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Very wrong!


Summer school is the worst!!!

</begin rant> The weather is beautiful and all I want to do is stay outdoors… Good bye to my GPA… </stop rant>

Course Goal

My goal at the beginning of the course was to become a better communicator. I wanted to work on my communication skills and be able to engage in more intellectual conversations. I tend to speak without thinking in many occasions, which resulted in me saying the wrong things and also making myself seem like an idiot. I feel that I have improved on this a bit because I have started to slow down my pace and also think before I speak.

After this course, I would like to continue to improve on my communication skills. Communication is very important, and it is a necessary skill to have in the workforce. Although I would not be writing as much after this course, I hope to start my own blog one day. This will allow me to continue writing and also communicating at the same time.

Engl119 Course Review

I still remember the first day of class as if it was yesterday. The professor went over the syllabus and mentioned that attending lectures and participation in class makes up 10% of our final grade. At that moment, I wanted to drop the course… However, I need the credit in order to complete my degree.

In general, I do not enjoy writing courses. They tend to require too much effort and work. Moreover, I really dread writing essays and reports. They take up a lot of my time, and I tend to struggle writing them.


I gave this course a chance, and I would say that I did not regret it. This course is actually very enjoyable. Rather than this being a course where you sit down and just listen to the professor speak, it actually involves a lot of back and forth communication between the students and the professor.

I really liked how the course was more workshop oriented. The professor really cares about the students, and also gave us a lot of chances to improve. For example, for our TED talk, we were given a rehearsal day where we received a ghost mark along with feedback. I found this very valuable as it helped my group better focus our presentation!

Moreover, I have also learned about the Rhetoric triangle, which includes Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

By using all 3 in communication, one is able to make their points more powerful and sound. As such, I have started to use them in my writing, specifically for the final report. More specifically, I have used logos a lot to support my writing. I feel that my writing has improved a lot because I am backing up my claims with evidence from peer reviewed sources.

Lastly, I would like to thank the professor for being a wonderful person. Lectures were generally very enjoyable, and I really liked the memes used in the power point slides!

Thank you,




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