The End…Finally?

ENGL 119 was just a required course for me. The only reason I ever enrolled in it was because it was one of the two choices in the required courses for my program. The other choice was basically a public speaking class so that was automatically ruled out from the get-go. I figured that I might as well take it as early as possible so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it later into my university years. It was never something special to me, nothing that I thought I would ever learn anything important from, much less enjoy.


That really didn’t end up being the case. As a high school student, I always dreaded writing anything, from essays to lab write-ups. I guess something changed in the process of entering university, because I suddenly found that writing could be enjoyable as a nice break from the linear thinking of my multiple math and finance courses. The class was a nice cooldown course from the never-ending boring courses that I had to endure from 8:30a.m. It allowed my brain to slightly relax, but not too much so that I would want to go to sleep immediately. It was the perfect course for the end of the day, being both informative yet less stressful than the program courses.

The Email

At the beginning of the course, the professor asked us to send her an email telling her about ourselves: our goals, weaknesses, and any other information that we wished to share. To summarize my email, it was talking about how I wished to gain communication skills from the course, and how I was a shy student that hated oral presentations.

Looking back on the term as a whole, I think that I made some very promising progress on reaching my goal. I was able to gain invaluable experience regarding giving presentations and working in a team environment. I also learned how to properly write emails and other literary pieces for the workplace. I didn’t really improve on my weaknesses, but I can’t solve all my problems in 4 months right?


It’s obvious that I need to continue to working on my writing skills, as my mastery of the English language isn’t nearly what it should be having lived in Canada for over 15 years already. However, this isn’t even the biggest problem I need to fix, as my lack of proper communication skills will undoubtedly hold me back from a brighter future, not only in the workplace but also in my personal life. I must continue to work on oral communication and interacting with my peers and superiors. I have a lot to work on just to make myself a passable member of society. I’ll continue to work on talking to others and making new friends.

Looking back on the course, it was a very enjoyable experience, made even more enjoyable by a professor that was very relaxed and encouraged everyone’s development. My biggest regrets are not accepting my previous job offers, resulting in me having to miss multiple days of class. These days set me back in all of my classes, but missing ENGL 119 in particular was difficult because a lot of information in this course cannot simply be relayed through slides, but rather by attending the class and listening to the lecture and working through workshops. Aside from that though, I feel that the course was a success as a whole, and was definitely not just another mandatory course whose information I’ll forget about as soon as the term ends.


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