Reflection of What I Learned in ENGL119

Time flies, it comes to the last week of ENGL119. After we did so many assigned works, now it’s the time to reopen the email about my term goals I sent to Sara at the very first beginning, and check if I meet those objectives or not.


First, I want to say that I have learned a lot of materials in Sara’s English 119 class. In her class, we read articles, analysis proposals and wrote quizzes about different topics in literacies. This allowed me to become a better critical thinker and a better researcher since in the course we are only taught how to find resources and we need to find articles that are needed by ourselves and then analyze them.

In my first email, I stated that I was a good listener but I often hesitated when communicating with others. I think I improve a lot from in-class workshops and the TED talk presentation. Because most of my courses are about computation and programming, the teamwork is not required for any assigned works. In the TED talk presentation, our team members collaborated together, shared the responsibility and hold ourselves mutually accountable for accomplishing the predetermined goals of the team. Although our communication skills are at different levels, we helped each other and finally delivered a presentation successfully.


Besides, I develop my report writing skill by writing the biggest work in this course. Before having the class, I always struggle to know what to write. Confusion often arises about the writing style, what format should I use, what to include and other factors. The procedure to decide the topic for the report is quite easy since there are many things to discuss on our TED topic to a deeper level. The research tips and the information session held by the librarian are useful. During the progress of writing the report, I keep track of my references, especially for peer-reviewed articles. Professor used many power points to teach us how to cite articles and how to write references in APA format. On our last class,  you give us a mission: discard all the irrelevant sentences and cut 25% of the written work. This is a tough mission for me at first since I always try to write each sentence as long as possible for reaching the word limit and I never think about making sentences concise. However, as I continuing analyzing articles, increasing word count is no longer a problem for me and cut every unnecessary expression makes my words seem to be more precise and accurate.


The amount of things I have learned in this class is immense. Not only my communication skills are improved, but also I learned how to be a learner. The research skill will be essential for my future education and the oral and written skills will be useful for my future career. The road toward success is still very long, continuing practicing and improving myself is a big assignment after I finished this course.


(And of course, I will miss you, Sara!!!)


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