Go Forward ! (BP3)

Time goes fast, I can still remember when I first time went to class, first time sent the email assignment to our professor, first time did a perfect job for Ted Talk as a group, and first time made a reflection on the whole term’s work of myself. Now, it is the time to understand this course’s goals and it is the time to check out whether or not I have achieved the goals that I gave to myself in the beginning of this semester.

I can still remember that in the beginning of this semester, I once sent an email to my professor in order to discuss what I want to gain from this course, and what are my communication strengths and weaknesses. Now, when I look back to this email, and all these goals, I realized that I have already started to improve. For instance, in the project of Ted Talk, I can have the opportunity to work in a group, we discussed our topic, gave each member the appropriate topics and tasks, did our own research relates to our topic, and practice as many times as we can in order to satisfy the time restriction. After we finished this project, I can say that I am really proud of myself, and the most significant things are, now I understand the word of “cooperation”. As what I said in the beginning of this semester, I want to have the opportunity to speak in front of the class, and then I would say my first goal has been achieved successfully.

In addition, in the beginning of this semester, I also said that I want to practice my writing skills through writing report and essays. Obviously, I will have this “Big Deal” in several days later. In fact, I would say there are many opportunities to write, and the most significant things are, how to be a good writer. For instance, I have learned many perfect techniques in writing such as rhetorical devices, ethics in professional communication, represent myself professionally, citation skills, and proposal writing. Therefore, I would say my second goal has been achieved successfully.

People always need to keep working on their aims instead of capitulating after trying several times. Therefore, I will definitely keep working on above two goals as well as other goals. Furthermore, I will try my best to find out the way to control my speaking speed and length of my presentation. That is, I actually need to find out what is the most significant parts of my presentation, and what are the useless parts in my presentation. On the other hand, I need to continuously work on my academic writing which leads to my future work quality. That is, I can tell that there are still many grammar and structure errors in my writing, and then these errors will significantly lower my writing quality. However, I know that this is a slow and hard process since I will always work with the language that is not my mother language.

Finally, I only want to say a single sentence, GO FORWARD!!!!

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