TED Talk: Ideas Are Worth Spreading

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Our TED Talk of the Financial Markets and Millennials went pretty well in my opinion. From the housing markets, to financial markets, all the way down to cryptocurrencies and the deep web, our group was about to incorporate the strength of each team member to build a greater collective sum of parts than if we all worked on the same thing.

Yi and Edward were from an actuary/stats background, and were able to create great data reflecting the current situations of the housing market and how millennials stand in that regard. Followed by Andrew and I, we were able to take our focus of finance to elementary terms and explain the financial markets. Finally, with Tony’s focus on pure CS, he was able to focus on how cryptocurrencies were affecting the current markets.

I enjoyed working in that team – I thought we were really able to help  emphasize the strengths of others very well, and complimented each other well.

I also really enjoyed the peers presentations: the driver-less cars, coding as a second language, video gaming as education as well as algorithms were all great presentations. I can gladly say that I learned great amounts of information from each presentation – whether it be history of coding, video game purposes or how insurance is affected by driver-less cars.

If I had to name one TED Talk that particularly sparked my interest, it would be the driver-less cars. I was able to garnish in a lot of new information to me through that presentation, like how liability is a huge issue and stepping stone for driver-less cars to overcome.

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Overall, great work put into the presentation was really reflected in the actual presentation, and I really enjoyed this unit of English class!

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