Wonderful Experience During Ted Talk Week

        Last week is the ted talk week, I have done my ted talk project with my excellent group mates and I also have watched other groups’ interesting ted talk. I think l learned a lot of things through the ted talk week, and I really want to talk about what I gain from these interesting ted talks.

        Project Organization  ——— I am a student who want to be a programmer in the future. Even through ted talk is more likely a project which is helpful improving English presentation skills, but I really think I have gain some important experience about project organization which may help me to be a better programmer. When our group design our ted talk prevention, my excellent group mate Jason and Tian record each members’ idea and combine them together and make them as a perfect logic line. Start with the history and current information of computer, then predict the future development of computer based on current information, and finally discuss how to teach children coding. After we decide the logic line of our ted talk, then we separate the ted talk to five small part to each member. I really like this strategy that decide the theme first, then combine each one’s idea based on the theme, and finally distribute tasks. This organization strategy also work for coding. People decides the purpose of the project first. Then implement the main function that may work for the purpose, but keep some detail and helper functions blank. Finally, we will implement the helper functions and debug. Hence, organize the project like this should work in many different fields, and I think this experience is helpful for my future career life.

        Group Discussion ——— During the ted talk, I also get some interesting experience about the group discussion. When our group begin to design our presentation, we choose to brainstorm ideas about our topic. I think our chair leads a wonderful group discussion at that time. During the brainstorm, not everyone provides useful or reasonable ideas, but our chair always tries his best to summarize the idea from each member and adds each member’s idea onto our presentation. I think this is really helpful for a good group discussion. Since if someone cannot give any help during the group discussion, he may feel upset and that may influence his sense of participation and performance later. Thus, our chair combines every members’ idea is really helpful to encourage everyone participates the ted talk. I think if I have some more chances to do some group presentations in the future, I will use this strategy as well.

        PPT without too much words ——— When I watch the ted talk with the topic insuring driverless car, I think their powerpoint is really attractive. I know that a wonderful slide should not have too many words on it, but it is difficult to make each slide explains the idea without any sentences. In my opinion, the insuring driverless car group makes a perfect ppt since they express their idea clearly and there is not too many words on their ppt. They use so many images as examples and they use data to make their ted talk trustable. Their great slides teach me a lot about how to make an attractive ppt.

        Therefore, I gain a lot of helpful experience during the ted talk week and I really enjoy preparing and watching the ted talks. I must say ted talk is a interesting ides.

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