TED Talk Review


The TED talk is finally done!

I have to say, it was actually a really good experience and I really enjoyed this TED talk.

made it

When I saw the TED talk assignment, I though it won’t be a hard mission as long as I can remember things I want to say and be fluent. Until the first time I watched the real TED talk, I realized that I was wrong.

That is definitely a different level.


Delivering a good TED talk, doubtless, the contents need to be credible and concise. What is more, enthusiastic and confidence, also engaging with audience are the important components of a good presentation.

But what makes a good group presentation? Throughout my TED talk experience, there are something I learnt in collaborating with group members.

How we become “Money Masters”

There are four main stages from beginning to end aiming to accomplish our TED talk.

Forming. Throw back to the first meeting, it was also the first time we meeting each other. After a quick introduction of ourselves, we started to work on our talk right away. Base on the four core principle of finance: spending, borrowing, investing and saving, we chose our own section and decided to do it separately. An effective and efficient team meeting will be the key of team cooperation.

Brainstorming. During the following week, we started to brainstorm and make research for our own part. To be honest, I only knew the word “millennial” as a generation, but I didn’t know what the actual age group it refers to. Then I googled it, and I found out, oh, I am the “millennial”. So basic idea of my part actually came up based on my personal experiences. Sometimes I run out my budget because of the impulse spending. So I felt the budgeting is a very important part in spending and I would like to present to peers, myself as well, with some good spending advices. We created a Google Doc to share the research we found and generate ideas together. The group brainstorming is more effective than individuals, more ideas will be generated faster.

Norming. As we were doing our part separately, it was very important for us to bring it back together as a team and make the presentation consistent. That was what we do during the second team meeting. Moreover, we can give each other feedbacks and make improvements for the whole presentation. Suggestions and feedbacks from team members are very helpful.

Performing. Just like writing the shitty first draft, it is not possible to accomplish a perfect presentation without practicing. Unlike individual presentation, the group presentation not only requires us to perform our own part, but also requires us to make transitions. The consistency is the key of group presentation! Moreover, I am really appreciate that we have the dress up rehearsal, which gave us a chance to practice in front of audiences. The feedbacks from Professor and peers really helped us in realizing our weakness and make appropriate adjustments. More practices bring us the tacit understanding and improve the appeals of group presentation.


All in all, the TED talk experience was really cool. Shout out to my group members and all other teams, you guys are amazing. Hope all of us have learnt from the TED talk in improving oral communication skills and collaborating skills.

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