TED Talk Review

This week is a TED talk week. TEDtalksLogo.pngEveryone tried their best to speak in front of audiences and show their favourite topic to the other classmates. It’s amazing, and everyone did well. For me, I learned a lot from this part.

Firstly, I really apperciate my teammates, Andrew, Tony , Kiven, Edward. Each member has his responsibilities and perform his duty perfectly.  I know I didn’t do well in the rehearsal. I was too nervous and forgot all of my words. I even forgot the order of the slides and forgot to switch my slides. It’s so terrible. But nobody blamed me. We encouraged each other and did brainstorms to enrich our content. Andrew and Edward not only did their own work well, but also helped me to reedit my  script. My job is a breif introduction. However, it’s so difficult to combine financial market and millennials together. Edward and Andrew gave me many good ideas.  Finally, we choose to begin our presentation with three questions about millennials’ financial situation. It makes my introduction attractive. Thank you very much! I think our presentation is the best one, and we are the best team! leonardo-dicaprio-wine-glass-celebration-timeI really enjoy to work with you guys!

Secondly, I learned many public speak skills from other groups. My favourite TED Talk is Coding as a Second Language. This team shows us the mature public speak skills and fantastic content. Their body language, eye contacts are really well. Especially, the example of geese’s language ” gagaga” really attracted me. They use this kind of funny example to  illustrate coding is a language of human to communicate with computer. And the next part, teaching child code, reminds me a lot. Actually, I tried to learn Ruby by myself when I was a junior high school student. Unfortunately, I gave it up. I think it’s so boring and useless. From their presentation, I realized I was wrong. Coding can improve students’ ability of logical thinking. If I can stick to learning coding, maybe I won’t lose too many marks for misunderstand the question of my Stat. midterm. Haha… haha-no-o

All in all, I love this assignment. It helped me to improve my collaboration skills and public speaking skills. Our project just like our baby. We tried our best to brought it up together! When we showed our work to the others, I really felt pround. I think this is the most important part of this assignment. At the end, some words for my teammates, I really appreciate to work with you guys. I really hope we can do it again! I really have unforgettable days with you. We did brainstorms and research together. Even sometimes we quarrelled. But all of us work for the same goal. Anyway, good job!

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