TED Talk Experience

As we all know, TED talk is an organization which under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. When I knew that I had the chance to have my own TED talk in the class, I looked forward to do it although I think I am not good at speaking in front a group of people. Finally, My team and me did a TED talk last week and we learned a lot during the experience.

To start a TED talk, introducers have to fully understand their topic, otherwise they cannot talk professionally in front their audiences. Because of this, my team sit together and learned the topic “Sports and Math” for plenty of time. After learning the topic, we thought we had enough knowledge to introduce the topic to our audiences so we started out work. We separated our tasks and started our own work.

Since we had a team TED talk, cooperation is very important. Fortunately, all team members in our team worked hard during the preparation. We had several meeting after the class to track our progress and make sure all of us are in the right way. We had a team member that helped us to put all of our slides together which is really important to make us be a real team. Before the TED talk, we have several practice and peers review which helped us to make up our weakness and improved ourselves. Since we prepared the TED talk during our midterm weeks, we did not have plenty of time to make sure every detail are perfect, but luckily, our team members all worked efficiently in the limited time and did a great job to prepare the talk.

During the TED talk, all of our preparation helped us to be confident in front our audiences. Things did not went wrong during the talking. However, I think I was still nervous in front of the class. I could not think clearly of what I was going to say so I had some pauses which is not good during a speech. Therefore, I think I still need to work on speech in front of a group of people and I will have more practice in the future.

I always consider TED talk as a very meaningful thing because it helps people to spreading their own amazing idea. Several years ago, when I first watched a TED talk, I loved it immediately. The talk does not have an amazing stage, just a person stand in front of the people and introduce their ideas in an easy way. I think it focus on the ideas themselves but not the communicators or something else. Audiences could actually learned something during these talks.

After the experience, I practiced how to have a speech in front of many audiences, the way we cooperate to work in a team, and how to have a team speech. I think I still have a lot to practice and I hope I could be fully confident next time when I standing in a stage and introducing my idea.

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