TED Talk : Excellent Experience



In my life, I was said as a shy boy who was not brave enough to say out my own idea loudly. However, I finally had chance to speak in my own voice last week in form of TED Talk lecture and it really surpassed all my other experiences.

First point that TED Talks amazed me is team work. In the past time, most of the presentation I did were finished by myself. I needed to do research, to issue my own solution to problem, to create and to revise slides, to practice all part of presentation to prevent mistake, and lots of other stuff that I needed to consider about and to be finished before hard deadline. That feeling was nightmare and the pressure was too high to keep motivated. It seems like I can foresee a forest bear is walking towards me but I can do nothing but wish the bear doesn’t notice me. That was how I feel. However, things changed in TED Talks presenation. The most advantage I loved so much of team work was we could do works in talking and chatting. The whole working atmosphere was relaxed but we still keeped working on some serious stuff. This feeling was fantastic and I really enjoyed it.

Second point that I loved TED Talk is that I can fully express my own idea on one specific topic that I am interested in. In the beginning, we had five topic to pick before starting to do research. To be honest, this step spent me a lot of time to think about which topic I should pick. It was not because all topic were boring and “TED”ious although we were doing TED Talk. In contrast, there were several topics that I really would like to choose if I had chances. Serious game, Coding, Drivingless car and so on. I had to pick one that I was most interested in and through other topic away and that was a pity that I didn’t choose those topics. After choosing topic, we started to work. In this part, every team member has equal share of the whole TED Talk and this ensured that no one will have less rights to speak out his or her own idea. It is like a platform that everyone can express his or her idea and these ideas will be respected by everyone.

Last point that TED Talk experience is marvelous in my opinion is its requirements on credibility of information resource. This was not appeared in previous presentatons that I was asked to do, so I always consider should I believe what the lecturer said. Some parts of argument were not supported by academic articles or real research data and some parts were even totally different from what this stuff really was in real life. That always confused me. Things changed in TED. We have academic resource and every piece of information we cited in slides or presentation is required to have a credible resource. At present, although I want to challenge other people’s idea, these resourses really convince me to believe the thesis and I don’t need to worry that I agree on something that is actually wrong.

I love TED Talk because it offers different brilliant people from all around world a stage to say out their creative ideas. Now, I can do the same things by saying my own idea. Although we just did works about proving the topic and doing research, I believe it is a good start to really speak out my own idea. At least, now, I am struggle to do it.


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