New Understandings about Presentation


Human beings are highly connected and social interactions are ubiquitous nowadays. People are inclined to share their ideas. Nonetheless, sharing ideas is not necessarily as simple as showing opinions; it is about sharing valuable thoughts and being persuasive. As a result, delivering presentation is a skill not only preferred but required in academia and daily life. After accomplishing our Ted Talk, the assignment availed me of brand new understandings of presentation.


“TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world.” By emphasizing on “ideas worth spreading”, TED believes that powerful ideas can change attitudes, lives and, ultimately the world. In another word, both TED and our presentation aim to make great ideas available in a short 20 minutes speech. Generally, the most significant part of a presentation is to deliver ideas, which can potentially benefit or protect human beings.


As we can see from our six topics, they all focus on how a specific topic influences humans’ lives. Insuring Driverless Cars shown us a prospective view of what automatic cars will be in the next decades and how people should regulate the changing world due to unprecedented technologies. Coding as a Second Language took prevailing computer technologies into consideration and built their topics on that teaching coding as a second language is beneficial. Moreover, How Algorithms Control Us and/or Free Us, focused on the influence of ubiquitous algorithms, drawn our attention into how algorithms may change and become outdated, and warned that all algorithms have side effects.


However, the first topic I came up with was not worthy of concern, and resulted in a catastrophic rehearsal. Our group aimed to show how algorithms control and/or free human beings. As a basketball guy, I immediately put my thought into offensive tactics, algorithms used by professional basketball teams. Although offensive tactics are technical and remarkable in professional basketball field, they lay on the perimeter of algorithms and cannot have many impacts on benefiting humans’ lives. As a result, my topic was boring and distracting in the rehearsal. After discussing with my teammates, we decided to put our sights into health care system of Canada. Though the new topic required considerable stats to show the benefits and vulnerabilities, which might become fairly boring as well, we hoped to draw audiences’ attention into the field of health care and the issues caused by long medical waits, which may result in death as well as permanent disability.




Like the introduction on TED’s website, TED is a global community, inviting people from various disciplines and cultures to share their thoughts. The second thing I learned from our Ted Talk is that as a means of delivering ideas, Ted Talk is a presentation emphasizing on delivering different perspectives rather than a lecture or technical report. Differing from a technical seminar, a successful presentation aims to persuade audience and help them to make choice in their social and academic lives, rather than teaching the audience the innovative technologies. However, most people are so enthusiastic in introducing their accomplishments and explaining their technical innovations, resulting in a poor presentations. For example, in my rehearsal, I spent large amount of time on the definition and use of specific offensive tactics; as a result, my topic could not attract any audience except those who are really enthusiastic in basketball, because basketball is not inclined to change or benefit audiences’ social and academic lives. In contrast, health care system did relate to human beings’ lives and as a result drew audiences’ consideration into the need of decreasing medical waits.

All in all, unlike technical seminars which require professional training, Ted Talk is a way of thinking and communication in human beings’ daily lives. The only way that TED differs from people’s daily interaction is that TED is an organization which could gather people all over the world together to share their experience. Even without TED, human beings should also put their sights on ideas which benefits others and try to share with others in a persuasive way in their communities.

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