My TED Talk: Learning of Public Speaking


My TED Talk assignment is over. It was a relief to find myself in a comfortable state while the final presentation was delivered, for which I have prepared so much. Although I find that the presentation still lacks improvement, I was happy mainly because I made a progress in preparing and delivering public speech.

It was at my first glance that I decided my choice of topic “insuring autonomous cars”. The topic is obviously within my field of study, actuarial science, and I assumed all the course materials that I had learned in the university can at least shield me from being lack of confidence. However, later I found out that TED Talk emphasizes more about utilize Pathos other than using only Ethos and Logos. It is skills of communication that makes the presentation convincible and understandable.



My teammates from our group “Fast and Furious” are, to my surprise, more considerable and creative than I had imagined, and we ended up with very productive results after every meetings. The biggest problem, in my opinion, was to discuss and overcome many divergence in ideas in order to deliver a smooth speech. I believe it is not only the preparation for speech materials, but also the convergence of diverse characteristics within the group being the major advantages of us delivering a comprehensive TED Talk all together. For that, I think our group did our best. Despite the fact that, during the preparation, it was at our busiest time of the term, each member of our group spent efficient time and effort in assigning our own part of the talk, preparing it , and practising on each behalf.

It is very satisfactory for all of us that, as a group full of non native English speakers, we rehearsed the presentation without notes on first try, for we are all very prepared. Learned from the rehearsal, we shaped the draft in simplifying redundant materials in order to fit in time for the group. All in all, the final talk was a learning milestone for me. I have beginning to learn how to overcome fear in public speech, and the skill in utilizing all three rhetorical appeal factors in communication.

On the other hand, by watching other groups’ TED Talks, I picked up many details to be utilized to improve myself. I found that It is more appealing and less stressful to listen to someone who has better understanding of the presentation material. My lack of using body language can be fixed by gaining even more familiar with my presentation material and by more practicing.



I have grown a hobby of watching TED Talks now that I have done preparing a mini TED Talk. I find it very interesting that many speakers in the program spend major effort in making connections with the audience. The speakers often start with something resemblant with audiences’ daily life in order to ease up the complexity of the talk material. Later metaphors, games, and short videos are used in utilizing Pathos as a tool to convince or inform the audience. The speakers must have been through quite a train of thought to come up with such a way to simplify complexed matter. Other than that, Speakers often make their field of study tangible for their audience in order for them to understand or become passionate in less than 20 minutes.

I truly think that the art of speech is still to be a skill that someone can learn for life.


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