My TED Talk

I think that TED talk always is an interesting way to spread knowledge. For the first time, I watched a TED talk and I found out that learning can be a way that such easy and interesting. My favourite topic of the TED talks is technology because the speaker can always explain the cutting-edge technical problems in a way which is fun and easy to understand mostly. So, when I notice that we should give out a TED talk, I think I will make it that way.

It is very lucky that I chose my favourite topic which was “What Are Serious Games and How Are They Changing Education” and have a very nice team.

At the start of our preparation, we are a little confusion about the key word “Serious Game”. Serious games are the games which are not developed for primary entertainment purpose. Games are entertainment of course, but what games are not for entertainment. Multiple choice game like doing an exam? Obviously, no, it is not a game at all. The first image in my mind is the games Civilizations and Minecraft. One of them is talking about many historical facts and another is even used in our CS classes. Since Civilizations is more played by senior student but not kids, then we tried to explain the topic by the age of users. However, Sara said it will be a large topic if we do that way and suggested us to start with a more general point of view. Therefore, we decided to choose three games in a different area of education, working, environment, and history for the peer’s talk.

It should be a good point to start with an example that audience familiar with. Because we thought most of us have heard about the game, Civilizations, we wanted to use this game as an example to bring up the topic. After that, we would talk about three more game. Then in peers’ talk, we contained too much information(context) of the games and it is not connected to the education. Fortunately, one of our teammates, Mariam, did a very good job in the peers’ talks. She even mentioned about what we missed at the first part. Then we were following her ways to change our presentation outline.

Although we had some midterms, we still met together to discuss the TED talk. We watched the TED talk about gaming together, and found out that the speakers seldom talk about some specific games but some effect the games bring up. Then we deleted most of the game context and try to use one to two sentences to describe about the game. Therefore, we could talk more about the connection and change for games and education, which was the part that we were not doing well in the peer’s talk. After we saw the perfect performance of the groups talked about data in a beautiful way, we decided to learn from them and used the data to bring up the idea. “gaming is everywhere now”. During the talk, we all did a good job than we expected.

Overall, I think this is a very good experience for me to learn and try the TED talk. Even though we are not perfect, we did have a great time in this presentation.

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