Looking Back to My First TED Talk…

The final match for National Basketball Association ended on June 13, which attracted much attention. From a view different from any other technique analysis of players’  performance, our presentation gave a mathematical analysis for players and discussed how these values affected the situation developments for the whole match.


Topic Selection- At that time when we chose the specific direction for our presentation, NBA matches were in full swing and we all members kept focusing on the latest news about it. Why not choose NBA as a main topic for our presentation? When someone gave this suggestion, we all agreed because we’ve all learned much about it.

Data Collection- Full with confidence, we began data collections and counts after topic selection. However, it’s a quite difficult progress because there were so many players and matches. After discussion, we finally chose RPM values as a typical example and mainly focused on it. Then everything got easier. During this period, my peers and I collected many classic examples for players’ specific statistics. We found that these statistics could reflect whether this player was in a good or bad condition.



Analyzing Period-  After data collection, we all had the thought that taking good use of these data can make a big difference for a match, for a team even for the whole NBA situation. We turned our look from players to other staffs in a basketball team. For any team in NBA, one data analyst is necessary because he could have a judgment and give suggestion about whether this player should have a rest or keep fighting for this match. Under the help of the data analyst, it’s easier for coach to arrange and increase the possibility to win.

Results Evaluation- These presentation is not long just to give a brief introduction about what statistics reflect and how to take use of these statistics. But the teamwork and collaboration really played a big role from beginning to the end. We group members all took active participation in this task and held several meetings to change ideas and discuss the detailed progress.

Ted tallk pic

During this task, we learned a lot not only about the importance of collaboration but also for the statistics analysis. Before we analyzed the connection between the data and the match situation, we never realized that any player change during a match needed consideration from many different views but not simply from the performance he showed.

Collaboration is an eternal topic. With more people, we can always find things which are easy to be neglected and improve our own shortcomings. Any difficult problem can also be solved with the wisdom of all. Of course, this inspiration of the importance of statistics can also have a good influence on our study and even daily life. Trying to give ourselves some statistical analysis for the current performance and the future potential is helpful for arranging the time for study and rest better. For example, you can test which time during a day is best efficient for studying and you can then arrange that time as a fixed studying time.

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