How is My Ted Talk

First of all, I have to mention that it is a wonderful experience with good teammates to do a presentation. To be honest, I do not really like the presentation since I am afraid to stand in front of some people to present a topic. I will be nervous because I am worried about that I may not express my point to the audiences very well or mutter and mumble. However, this presentation takes twenty percentages of  the total marks in Engl119 course. Thus, I should try my best to do this presentation.

I choose the topic about whether to treat coding as the second language,this topic I am pretty interested in since I know a little about computer science. Then I met my teammates at class. Since we did not know each other very well, every of us introduced himself first. Next, we listed all of time of our midterms or assignments in order to find a appropriate time to meet after class. Finally, we generated some ideas so that we could do some research on our topic after class.

On our first meeting which is also our only meeting before the rehearsal, we picked up the “Code Monkeys” as our team name. Since most  of us had exams coming or assignments due, we just let everyone pick one point then doing some research and composing the PowerPoint by himself after this meeting. We did not even have another meeting to rehearse our presentation before the class rehearsal since we didn’t have a suitable time due to different midterms and assignments.

On the day of the rehearsal, I became nervous that I was not supposed to be since I found that other teams had excellent presentations. Their slides included many images and data that made their points more reliable. Moreover, they were pretty confident and enthusiastic during their presentation. Seriously, I was shocked by their performance.

On the contrary, our presentation didn’t go well. There existed somewhere need to be improved. For example, we need to use more images to support our ideas; somewhere should be cut back and tightened up since we ran out of our time.(nearly four minutes) Actually, we can generate all the problems in one sentence: we didn’t perform like a team. Moreover, I did not very well in this presentation. Thus, I need to work hard to avoid pulling my team back.



After rehearsal, we spent more time in discussing how we improve our presentation. Everyone in our group exchanged ideas. What’s more? We helped each other who were in trouble to construct a good idea. Then we rehearsed our presentations many times after class. We were satisfied with our final presentation since we do much better than before. I am really appreciated that I have good teammates.

The most impressive presentation is given by “Money Master”. I still remember that they generate four points about financial market. There are saving, financing, borrowing and investing. After listening their presentation, I really consider that I should manager my money in the bank. Maybe I will invest the mutual fund instead of buying the lottery.  🙂


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In conclusion, I am really improved through giving a presentation. From this wonderful experience, I learn how important  is. There is no doubt that team work can produce huge power leading us to find a key to open the successful door. Moreover, for  individuals, we should learn how to use the rhetoric triangle in our presentation in order to engage the audience, build our credibility and construct reliable ideas.



After all, I really enjoy doing this presentation with my teacher and classmates. I hope everyone have a excellent term even though I have five assignments due this week. I am glad I am in maths faculty in University of Waterloo. 🙂


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