First Interaction with TED Talk

Oral communication would be a nightmare for the most Computer Science students because we are good at dealing with computers but not communicate with humans, therefore, when the first time I heard that I need to do a TED talk assignment that worth 20 percents for my ENGL119 class, I almost broke down. In fact, I had never made any talk in front of the public because I would rather face to a laptop or a cellphone than an actual human being for the most of my time.


However, I realized that being pessimistic would not provide me any help, I should put my maximum effort on it and get the highest rank on the leading board, just like what I did in my favorite video games.

A Topic would be one of the most important parts in a TED talk because it gives audiences the most intuitive view of what you are going to discuss, therefore, picking a good topic is the priority thing that needed to be done. I chose the topic “What are serious games and how are they changing the education field?”. In fact, I chose it because I was very curious about this topic when the first time I saw it. How could a “Game” become “Serious”? In my point of view, games are created for entertaining purposes, and there is no way we can make a game became serious. If people were not enjoying a game, why would you play it? With those questions, I started the first presentation of my life.


To be honest, it was difficult at the start because our topic was too broad and it was hard to judge which game is a “Serious Game” and which one is not, even we knew that the concept of a serious game is “Games that are not made for entertaining purpose”.  Our group members were lost at that time. However, we were inspired by other groups after the rehearsal. We realized that the most important thing is not just providing examples, it’s about how your audiences could be attracted by your opinions. After many group meetings, we found the most appropriate way to approach our TED talk. The key idea is how to connect examples we found to our main topic and made a  connection with audiences. After hours of work, I believe our team members all did a great job.

As for collaborating with my team, I think each team member were contributing their maximum effort to this TED talk. They were trying to give their thoughts on every possible improvement. Under their influences, I found that presentation was not that scary as I imagined. It could also be enjoyable. Moreover, I think other groups also did a great job. “Insuring Driverless Cars” is the one that I loved the most because I love cars. Besides, I think they did a great job on the introduction part. The way they were giving questions really drew my attention and they were making very good connections between audiences and the ideas they were given.


In conclusion, I found that communicate with others could also be fun and enjoyable after this TED talk experience. It was a great opportunity for me to improve oral communication skills and I am looking forward to practicing more in the future!

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