An Experience to Begin With

TED Talks,



as we all know, stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design” and is a conference series that was the brainchild of Richard Saul Wurman, who began TED in 1984.


Well, this is what I have read about. But what do  I think of it?

I think its a simple way to spread useful informations and ideas through a techniques of story telling and spreading information. Usually, it is important for the speaker to come from the field of what he is speaking and therefore create a sense of logos for them selves towards their audience. As a result, because the speaker is able to find passion in what they are talking about, they are always able to appeal to their audience. Therefore, through this ted talk, I learnt how we can use our pathos, logos and ethos to prove our point.I have been involved in many debates over certain topics in my past such as sports, politics, science and technology, I think my experience with ted talk has surely trained me on how to win such debates by influencing my competitors to prove my point.

Another aspect of my talk was that it had challenged me in a new way to think about some of the applicational aspect of academics such as the pros and cons of algorithm in our daily lives. It has been a medium in taking more appreciation for algorithms in their importance for everyone. It has also made learn as I prepared my presentation, about the essential motives of algorithm in our life. As a computer science student, I was happy to chose the talk on Algorithms since I knew various applications of algorithms in our lives. But surely while preparing the conclusion of my presentation was a big take away lesson for me and I hope for my audience as well, on my topic.

Keeping these essence in mind ,  my experience in working for the ted talk had been full of ups and downs. We had a very slow start with our team as we did not find time to meet occasionally. Many a times our team members including me where busy with their midterms and assignments. Well, by the end of first week, we had just come up with 3 meetings all together,  2 of them in class. However, the one thing we did well was communication between ourself. We used Facebook group and google docs to assign in our parts to each other. So, even with very few meetings, we where able to prepare the materials. However, we had not done the most important thing which was left to do. PRACTICE!!. As a result, our team rehearsal did not go so well during 2nd week. We had made many errors in maintaining coherency and time limit during our rehearsal, and the main culprit for this was lack of practice.

Therefore,after that we decided to pull up our socks and arrange more meetings. Within 2 more meetings(for longer duration of time) we where able to come up with coherency in our transitions. We had also worked on our time for each part and before the due date we made sure everyone is within the time limit.

We also, did not have any messages or preaching about the topics in our conclusion, so I also decided to step in and work on the conclusion as well. However, we where still not fully ready. Some of our team members had still not memorised their parts completely. But luckily, they where ethical in their approach and took extra effort in memorising them during the last meeting. Therefore, on the due day, we where pretty confident with our parts as we believed that our team members had taken fruitful efforts to memorise their parts. Our final presentation therefore went smoothly and I believe we did not stretch the time also. As I believe, we showed coherency in our transitions and we where smoother while talking. However, as we had changed our slides from those that we used during rehearsal, some of our slides did not come well with the transitioned environment of the school’s pc. My conclusive slide could be an example for this. But apart from this, I think everyone in my team performed well. Honestly,  it was an amazing experience in giving my first ted talk on how Algorithms effect our lives. I wish one day, I could find myself giving a real ted talk on topic like that in front of 1000 people and a camera. But really my experience with this one has really upgraded my speaking skills and my ability to use pathos and logos, ethos to spread ideas and influence people.


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