Team Work And Ideas Spreading



Personally speaking, I am very enjoyed and glad to speak in front of public and audiences. From my perspective, oral communication, like speech and presentation is the best way to spread and reflect my thoughts and ideas. Some people may say chatting tool has been a global and broader platform for speakers and public figures to communicate with their followers and opponents, which would not exist geographic restriction and time limit. If speaker want to hold a speech or presentation, the person has to prepare and confirm time, site, the number of audiences, security and expense. However, speaking on internet is not effective and attractive enough to convince people. Only a person who shows a strong confidence, presents force of personality and logical speaking on stage would inspire, encourage and convince audiences. Thus, TED talk is really a benefited and effective oral communication.


Our TED Talk

Financial Market And Millennials is a wide-range topic, which is based on two independent and unrelated fields. In our presentation, we separate total work into five different parts. The first part is introduction and explanation of millennials expense and revenue. From Yi’s speaking, we knew that ninety-five percent millennial do not achieve financial independence. They spend most income on consumer goods and entertainments, like vehicle, foods and movies. Second part is introduction and analysis of housing market. I represented housing price has a considerable increase in Canada in last two years, but it could be a unaffordable burden for millennial. Next is Kevin’s presentation, he exactly showed several financial products like stock, bond and funds. His work provided a idea to millennial who do not exist a plan to invest. Then Andrew told people how to invest. From his perspective, people need to choose quality investment portfolio to achieve maximum return. In the last part, Tony introduced and explained a new financial product Bit-coin. He explained several advantages of Bit-coin, but also express it is still a controversial product. In respect to the content, we were very prepared. In our speaking, we used many questions, examples and visual representations successfully express our thoughts and attract audiences. I have to say we did a good job.



In the past month, my team members and I did try our best and work very hard on our topic. All contents all are made up and connected by our a number of ideas, and we did a lot brainstorms and researches to find pointcut and establish a whole framework of our topic. We selected the five investment methods from many choices in financial market. We browsed certain numbers of literature, reports and articles. The numerous data were organized and analyzed by us. However, like many other new teams experienced, we also met some little problems. For example, we could not agree with others’ ideas or arrangement. Sometimes, we postponed our meeting again and again. And I might complain others’ work, even I was also fall behind schedule at same time. But we got over all the problems with our contribution and mutual understanding. My father told me before, “Collaboration means modesty, compromise and stay together.” Now, I understand the words and learn how to finish a team work well with team members


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