My Ted Talk

  • Background

I have not done any presentation for a very long time because of my major. Standing in front of the whole class and talking reminds me of my memory in high school.

When I decide to choose the topic “Insuring Driverless Car”, I was very nervous because it was a group presentation and I knew each member in the group matters. Luckily, I met a nice group and we discussed, worked and rehearsed together. I hope the contents we presented are meaningful to my classmates. I have searched news and data online because I want to provide them precise information.


  • Talk

We divided the whole topic into five parts and let everyone talk about one of them. My part is explaining the difference of the ways we insure driverless cars between right now and the future. Based on that, I have found out that Google has already launched their self-driving cars and actually used these cars for technology purpose. I have found out different accidents that happened to Google self-driving cars. These facts tell us the technology of self-driving cars is not advanced enough. However, with the support of data analysis, we can conclude that one day every car can be fully automated with the development of technology.


In order to give a wonderful presentation in class, our group members found an empty classroom one day before the final talk, each of us was standing in front of the classroom and give a presentation to empty chairs. The practice made us become more familiar with the contents and increased our confidence as well. When that day finally came, I felt very prepared.


  • Evaluation

We were supposed to evaluate our peers’ Ted Talks. It is really an amazing feeling to see my classmates wearing professionally and speak with fervour and assurance. I can learn from their presentations a lot.

The group that impressed me the most is the group Algorithm, although it might be because I have listened to their presentation twice. I remember the “pop quiz” they gave to the audience. It was a very simple question, they have provided four letters and one of them was red. They asked us “which one of these four letters is different”, and the answer is of course the red one. One easy question, already attracted our attentions. It is really a good way to engage with the audience and it is not time-consumption at all. Such a good job.

Actually, it is not easy to make sure the length of presentation is within twenty minutes. Especially there are five people in our group. So when we were practicing, we used a stopwatch to control the time. We decided to ask a question at the beginning of our presentation, but it can consume a lot of time. That is why we chose a easy one at last, we were asking “if there is a normal car and a self-driving car in front of you, which one will you choose”, and asked our classmates to raise their hands, showing which side they are on.


I believe I have learned a lot from the Ted Talk. When I preparing for my presentation, it was my midterm week. I had so many things to do and I felt like being overwhelmed already. I felt anxious at the beginning, but then I found out, when I organize my work in order and just do them one by one, I am able to finish them all. Giving Ted Talk is a very meaningful experience and I really enjoy it.


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