Insuring for the Future

Oral communication as mentioned in many of the amazing blog posts that fellow ENGL 119 classmates had wrote, is essential for all positions in the workplace. By completing the TED Talks, we were given the opportunity to develop our professional skill set, not solely being restricted to just communication skills.

The TED Talk was a difficult yet rewarding project. By choosing and interesting topic, Insuring Driverless Cars, that is in my field of study I was able to enjoy researching and communicating with my group about insuring autonomous vehicles. With such a broad topic, it was difficult to assess how our group would break down each section to present. After many hours of individual and group research we would discuss our thoughts and ideas, slowly but surely narrowing down the sections to be presented. After many well planned meetings, thanks to the scheduled meeting agendas, we were able to organize the presentation in a way that everyone was happy. After many practice presentations in which each group member effectively contributed and gave their thoughts on possible improvements, we were finally ready to present! With all this hard prep work, I believe the TED Talk had gone extraordinarily well! The class was very attentive during the presentation, and afterwards had discussed some excellent questions and thoughts on insuring autonomous cars.

As for collaborating with the team, it was difficult at first. Any time there is a need for group work, different roles must be established to maximize effectiveness in my opinion.


Joking aside, each group member had contributed immensely and was a pleasure to work with, making this presentation a fun experience! Once the positions were established the rest ran like a well oiled machine and I believe this was seen by how well the presentation flowed and each presenter’s comments after the dress rehearsal and final presentation. Nevertheless, there is always so much more to learn and further develop which will come with experience and practice!

There were several other groups that had outstanding presentations! I personally enjoyed The Financial Market and Millennials the most, partially because of my already existent interest and knowledge in the trend of the capital market, but also because of how well the group had presented. The presenters were very organized and in my opinion raised interesting points and explained theories and ideas perfectly such as blockchain and one of my favorite analogies on investing, hitting home-runs with investment opportunities.


Warrent Buffett – Science of Hitting

In summary, the oral communication unit of the course was fun and rewarding! The TED Talks were a great opportunity to not only develop our professional skill set but also to learn!


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