Blog Post 2: The Story of “Fast & Furious”

This is how we “born”. Finally, our Ted Talk finished, with all my team members’ happiness and memories. Before our Ted Talk started, I never consider about who will be my team members and how are they. However, I just realized that when I chose the topic of Insuring Driverless Cars, we have become a group. Five people, “Fast and Furious”, this was what we called our team. Just like what we will talk about.


This is how we “grew”. The first group meeting was in the class, and what we need to do was deciding the “chair” and which parts of the topic should be done by which members. After the discussion inside our group, we separated the topic of “Insuring Driverless Car” into five parts which include government point of view for insuring driverless car, history of the driverless car, drivers point of view, the hardware of car design, and finally, some of other technical aspects. In the next few weeks, we will do the research and try our best to find out through our society’s different perspectives, how do those different parts work together to improve the safety of driverless cars. in fact, since the Ted Talk was a group project, five of us, all members should take their own responsibilities and work together to get the best result. Now, we have our target, then let’s go.

This is how I “developed”. After we decided our members’ tasks, each of us should already know the aims. Personally, for myself, I get the job of introduction part and the government point of view. In fact, I believed that this part was extremely significant for me and for our whole presentation since the introduction part is always at the beginning and the quality of introduction of our presentation will reflect our other parts. Therefore, I know that I was taking more responsibilities. Fist of all, I should design a hook, and attract them to our points of view. In addition, I should also do some research in order to support my thesis and idea. At the same time, I found the hardest part of my preparation was the time control. Since I want to try my best to show my idea and thesis to my audiences and instructor, I realized that I just have only four minutes, which means I should definitely know what to show. I need to pick the most significant part. Through that two weeks, I practiced a lot of times, and I found that I am getting fluent.


This is how we “collaborate”. Time goes fast, and our second team meeting was on the day before the rehearsal. This was the first time we present together and after that time we found some problems such as the formats of PPT were not match, we needed to add more transitions through each members’ talks and so on. After the rehearsal, our instructor pointed out some other problems and things that need to be improved. Before the final presentation, I added conclusion part to our presentation, we unified our fonts and themes in PPT, and we also did some our own rehearsal to make sure that the time did not pass the restriction.

Mission was almost done, waiting to start.

Can we do a good job tomorrow? I think we can.


This is how we “done”. The final presentation was quite simple because since you have practiced a lot of times, you can just have realized that what you do in the final one is just like the practice. When I finally spoke out “thank you”, I found that we finished, within the time, within our expectation. This was the story that we created by ourselves, and then I learned that: the secret of success is constancy to purpose.

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