Do I miss my high school english courses? Yes? No?


—–   past


  • I was one of the students in an international high school in China. Unlike the students in local high schools, we were forced to communicate with foreign teachers from all over the world. Our textbooks were in English and our homework was in English.
  • The english courses were not aiming for improving our  communication skills, but for achieving an outstanding result in language exams like SAT, which would  help us get closer to our dream universities.
  • We also had to do morning speeches in front of the class about once a month. The topics were decided by english teachers. Each speech must be no less than 5 minutes, which was extremely long for us, since we had never had such experience in our middle school. So each speech was like a torture to us. We spent nights writing drafts and practicing. Trying our best preparing the presentation, we still suffered fear of getting a low grade, which would take account into the final grade. After several speeches, we got used to doing the presentations and became more confident.
  • Therefore, I have to admit that the English environment provided in my high school pushed me to learn, to communicate and to speak.  The flaws in my exam practices and speeches built up the foundation of my communication skills.


——- now


  • Unlike in high school, the communication with teachers is more volunteered. Professors are unlikely to ask every student questions. Their job is teaching professional knowledge.
  • The communication courses in the university are more likely to encourage students to share the ideas, and talk about their ideas in an organized way. We are not forced to communicate, but we are expected to participate in the class and to cooperate with others.


So, do I miss my high school english courses? No, I would never want to experience those morning speeches again and repeat doing exam papers.  But yes,  they were part of my english learning, and I would appreciate the value they brought to me.


One thought on “Do I miss my high school english courses? Yes? No?

  1. Please remove the Shakespeare meme. It doesn’t mean what you think it does, I thought I had erased it from the media library. I will definitely do so. I think you’ll be glad that you had such great practice speaking in front of an audience!


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